Thursday, 19 September 2013

Atiku Says He Bought House For His Mum at 14, But Nigerians Don't Believe Him

Atiku Says He Bought House For His Mum at 14; But Nigerians Don't Believe Him
Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar seems to be in love with controversy and he appears to be adogged fighter in the game. In politics, he has an ample dose of unsettled issues with the ruling PDP, especially now that he is linked to the New PDP.
The other day too, he engaged his former boss, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, in a debate about his eligibility to travel to the United States of America without being arrested for corruption.
However, just as the dust is settling, Atiku on Tuesday stirred a fresh debate on the social media, declaring via a post on his website that he bought a house for his mother at the age of 14.
Atiku, in the website post, claimed that:
Contrary to the belief that he "soiled" his hands while serving in Nigeria Customs Service, as well as during his eight-year tenure as Vice-President; he had a history of genuine "business success."
He said, "It never mattered that I had a history of business success prior to entering politics. It never mattered that from the moment I bought my mother a home as a 14-year-old boy, I was running various businesses to provide for my family."

But tell it to the marines, seems to be the thinking of the some Nigerian social media users, who received the claim with a pinch of salt. Little wonder, they further prodded him to explain how, at 14, he mustered the financial muscle to buy a house.
For instance, an online socio-political activist, Kayode Ogundamisi, is one of the first critics, who questioned the former Vice-President's claim.
Ogundamisi said, "How did we end up with deluded characters as so called leaders in Nigeria. That former Vice-President Atiku would have Nigerians believe he bought a house for his mother as a minor/child is a clear indication that Nigeria's problem is beyond human understanding."
Another Facebook user, Adedayo Daramola asked,"Was it through innovation or through corruption that the former Vice-President accomplished the feat."
However, Ogundamisi and Daramola are not alone in the circle of Nigerians doubting the veracity of Atiku's claim.
For another Facebook user, Steve Collins-Ogwu, there appears to be more than meets the eye.
He stated, "At that age, what was he doing to rake in cash to have been able to afford the home? The last I checked, he was not into entertainment of any kind or an athlete to be able to earn cash at such an early stage. I need him to lecture me on how he did it."
On Atiku's blog post also, a reader, who identified himself simply as Inyang described the former vice-president's piece as "rhetoric" and called him a "trickster."
Inyang said, "Sir, I pray many Nigerians will be able to see beyond that gibberish piece of write-up and see you for the trickster that you are. You bought your mother a house at 14! What business brought forth such largesse?
"I personally would like to know. Please spare us the rhetoric and leave room for the younger and honest blood in our beloved country Nigeria who are out there praying for the chance to lead this country out of the mess you and your likes have led it. Please find a place to sit and give chance.''
Atiku noticed the controversy his claim had generated and hurriedly took to Twitter to clarify it:
He said via his Twitter handle, @atiku, that due to his "humble background," he took vacation jobs to fend for himself and his family members as a teenager.
He tweeted, "It's true I bought my mother a home as a teenager. At 14, I was working as a clerk for Mallam Adamu Ciroma, the District Officer in the Ganye Native Authority. It was a temporary holiday job.
"The house was a thatched, mud bungalow, with two rooms, a kitchen and bathroom. It cost £9, saved from my £3 monthly earnings. In those days, secondary school students in long vacations took jobs. Temporary jobs for experience and some money, before returning to school.
"Most kids of my age bought shirts and shoes – but my mother was homeless. So, I saved and I bought that home for her. It is possible for people from a humble background to accomplish great things, even as teenagers, believe it or not.

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