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what amazing, Yomi Casual- I am not after a red carpet wife

 In a recent interview with Ounch, Yomi Casual (Comedian Ay's brother) talked about his crazy love for cars and his fiancee, see excerpts below:
Who owns the car you post on your Instagram account?
It is actually a Chrysler 300, all pimped out. That is my recent baby. I call that car my baby because I love cars a lot. I got the car in 2012 and it cost me about N4m. 

My next car is going to be very crazy, I am going for a monster truck. I’m just living my life like my mentor, Mudi. If you know him, he has crazy cars. You would just see his number plate on one flashy vintage car. Now he just got a 505, 1958 model, very crazy. I love crazy stuffs. I used to drive a vintage Ford. It is a pimped out Ford. It was just two of us that own that edition of Ford in the whole of Lagos. They know me with that car, it is like my brand. If you see that car, you will know that Yomi is coming. What I want to go for now is a monster truck; the ones with the really big tyres. I just want to make a statement with that truck."

How about your fiancé?
My childhood girlfriend, she knows me as Omoniyi Makun not Yomi Casual. We started the relationship in Warri. I am in a distant relationship. It is not easy but God has been helping me. She is from Warri, Delta State. She knew me when I started, when I was still an artist, then I used to do hand-made cards, signboards in Warri. We met one fateful day while it was raining. She helped me with an umbrella and that was how we met.

How come you are still together?

I still don’t know. She is not a very beautiful girl. You know Lagos, if you are a celebrity, you want to marry a very beautiful girl; a red carpet wife. My mentor told me, ‘Yomi, don’t follow Lagos people oo and say you want to marry a red carpet wife. There is a red carpet wife and there is the real wife’. I am not after a red carpet wife because with a red carpet wife, you don’t know what the man is facing inside the house. You see them outside looking all clean and you wish to be like them. When they get indoors and you see what the man is going through, you will not want to marry a beautiful girl. My fiancé is God-fearing, very wise, same age group.

N’Assembly Kicks Against Declaration Of Emergency Rule In Northern States


The National Assembly has emphatically declared that it will not support the imposition of a state of emergency on some northern states as being speculated saying that the move would be ‘premature.’
Speaking separately, the Chairman, House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Mr. Zakari Mohammed, said that lawmakers would not be in a hurry to initiate any call for a state of emergency.
He said rather than solve the problem at hand, it exacerbate the crisis.
“While our committees are working, the House cannot jump the gun to call for a state of emergency.
“We have to wait to receive the reports of our committees, then we take it up from there.
“For now, a state of emergency is premature,” he added.
The Senate in its own reaction to the purported move argued that the violent killings in parts of the North were not enough to warrant the declaration of a state of emergency.
Leader of the Senate, Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba, who made the position of the upper chamber known on Friday, said:
“A state of emergency is an extreme measure which should be applied as a last resort. The security agencies can handle it and I think they are already on top of the situation.”

Application for the 2013 Miss Nigeria beauty pageant now open

Application for the 2013 Miss Nigeria beauty pageant now open – Are you a young Nigerian woman?  Are you aged between 18 and 26?  Are you confident , 5ft 7inches and above? Do you speak fluent English? Can you be a positive role model for other young women? Do you have an interest in working with charities? Are you ambitious and compassionate?
If you answer YES to the above questions then you could be the next Miss Nigeria. See how after the cut…

Since 1957, the Miss Nigeria pageant has set the standard of elegance and sophistication for the Nigerian young girl. Under the stewardship of Beth Model Management, African Times Network (ATN) in conjunction with DAAR Communications Ltd. is organizing the most prestigious contest that would offer one young woman a life changing opportunity to enrich not only her life, but the lives of others in the 38th Annual Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant.

Casting will take place in four major cities Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and Benin. The jury would comprise of individuals stemming from various industries. As such, the contestants would be judged on their intelligence, poise, talent, character and potential to be an ambassador for Nigeria.
At the end of the casting tour, 36 contestants will be selected to participate in the reality TV show titled, “THE MAKING OF A QUEEN” where after 2 weeks of handling various tasks 21 young women would be selected to participate in the grand finale.

The winner would not only be selected based on her beauty, personality and character; but also for her interest in current affairs and charitable deeds as an ambassador of Nigeria. The Grand Prize  includes 3million naira, a brand new luxury car, full scholarship to any higher institution in Nigeria, 1year paid apartment, a diamond encrusted crown,1 year Modeling Contract,all expense paid trip and many more.
Application forms for the 38th Annual Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant can be downloaded from
REGISTRATION is N2500 and must be paid to any Zenith Bank! Application forms must be brought to the casting venue with a bank teller confirming your payment!
For more information follow us on social media
Twitter: @MISSNG2013 and Facebook: MissNigeriaBeautyPageant.
For all Registration, Sponsorship and Enquiries visit our website at or email,

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Not 1, not even 2, not even 3, but 4 of them at a go. And at a point in time they were all beauty queens. And truth be told, they are still gorgeous any day and would still give some of the new queens a good run for their money. 

Check out Ene Lawani, who till tomorrow is still the longest reigning beauty queen ever in the history of beauty pageants in Nigeria. 2004 till 2010. The gorgeous one, still in her late 20's, is still a stunner any day. Then there's Sylvia Nduka, who was the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2011, who since after her reign has entered into private business, she's owns her own hair brand amongst other things and we hear she's making a kill from it, making sure to get the university students and co. We hear she has opened a restaurant also in one of the higher institutions in Lagos (though that information is not fully confirmed).  Then there's Nwando Okwuosa, whose predecessor was Sylvia Edem 2002, the still very gorgeous one who was Miss Nigeria 2003, she was the one who handed over to Ene Lawani. Then there's Cecilia Ohumotu Bissong, who was the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2003, the now accounting graduate of the City University of New York is still as gorgeous as they come.

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Man Who Slit Girlfriend's Throat And Had Sex With Her Speaks

Most of you have read the story, but just to remind you. On Tuesday April 30th, a 25 year old bricklayer named Akinloye Anuoluwapo slit his ex-girlfriend's throat, a 21year old girl named Rafiyat Akinyemi, then had sex with her as she bled to death in her father's house at Ogijo in Ogun state.

The girl had dumped him and that was too much for him to take. He went to her house armed with a knife and attacked her. Akinloye (pictured above) explains what led to the killing...


On April 29, I missed her call, and in annoyance, she sent me series of annoying text messages, warning me not to call her or come to her house. I had once sent a message to her, appealing that she should not abandon me because I was disowned by my parents because of her, saying that I would commit suicide if she did. In reference to that message, she said I could die for all she cared, saying that my exit would create more enjoyment for the living, including herself.

"I was so disturbed that I could not concentrate at work the following day, April 30. I went back home to take a knife I kept in my box. I went to her house around 8.30a.m. and met her alone. I was thinking I could use the knife to frighten her because we used to quarrel like that and settle it. To my surprise, she stood up and started shouting at me, saying she had warned me not to come to her house again.

"She held me and we started struggling in her parents sitting room. I made up my mind to made love with her and I was able to penetrate her as we were struggling with each other. It was in the process that the knife pierced her throat. Immediately I saw blood, I was afraid, so I drew the knife out and ran away.

“I called my company’s lawyer and told him. I also called my friend, Gbenga, to go to Rofiat’s house and assess the situation. He told me he saw her where she was lay, dead.

“I lost my peace and could not do anything at work until the police came to arrest me. I know that I have sinned against God and erred against the law of the land. I know that the law cannot spare me, I know that I will die, but I just pray that God will forgive me. I know I will be hanged but I just pray that God will receive my spirit.”

Viewer Discretion Is Advised

Onyinyechi Orakwuelum’s Stabs Her Rapist To Death In Self Defence

MAY 5, 2013 was Onyinyechi Orakwuelum’s 18th birthday.The day she became an adult and the day she allegedly stabbed to death 19-years-old Akinwale Ayobami, who she said wanted to rape her.

Onyinye, who is currently being held at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Iyaganku, Ibadan, pending investigation, narrated her story to Tribune and she said:

    I am from Nkwele Ogidi in Anambra. I finished from Saint Gabriel Commercial Secondary School, Mokola, Ibadan, in 2011.

    The deceased (Ayobami) was my mate in secondary school, as well as my friend Funmbi.

My parents moved to our personal house at Ologuneru community in Ibadan, so I lost contact with my friends. One day, my mother came home and told me that she saw my friend, Funmbi, and that they had also moved to Ologuneru. I was happy and we reunited.

She later gained admission into a university. In April this year, she came to me and asked if I remembered Ayobami, who was popularly called Ewizzy. She said they chatted on facebook and that he told her that he was also living at Ologuneru, and had asked her to meet him at a junction so that she could know his place.
I told her that I could not recollect the name so she went alone.

The next time she wanted to go there, she asked me to follow her. I initially refused, but she persuaded me. We got there and saw him. His girlfriend was also there, lying on a couch. We relived our secondary school days and he later requested for my number since we were living in the same area. I gave him.

Photos: Meet the 60 contestants for Miss Nigeria 2013

60 girls were preselected from 5 states around the country based on their character, poise, personality, and composure by the Miss Nigeria judges. It is now time to vote for your favourite contestant based on beauty. The 36 girls with the highest number of votes/likes will move to the next stage.

Each day, 3 girls with the lowest amount of likes would be evicted. These are the top 60 preselected girls. See the rest of the girls and find out how you can vote for them after the cut ...

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