Thursday, 6 June 2013

Kunle Afolayan was dropped as a Glo ambassador

Kinda a petty reason, but it’s the truth. The prolific movie director and actor was dropped as a Glo ambassador a few months ago because of Saka. Yes, Saka the actor and new MTN ambassador. Real name Afiz Ayetoro.
According to what I gathered, Kunle Afolayan was booted out when Globacom found out that one of the main characters in his Phone Swap movie (which was sponsored by Globacom) was Saka, an Etisalat face for many of their brands, at the time. (Before he ported to MTN )Prior to him being dropped as an ambassador, Kunle had a smooth relationship with the company and did not go against any terms in his contract and was really shocked at his termination. Thing is, Kunle had been working on his movie long before he was approached to be a Glo ambassador.
Globacom sponsored the movie and when it eventually came out and they saw Saka in it, that was it!




A few weeks ago we had asked the question on this platform- Who is the next Governor of Lagos? Our reason mainly for asking was because we had observed some moves by some members of the ruling party- the ACN who seem to have loads of those that can vie for the post. Some were even already making their intentions known either openly or surreptitiously. Many names are been bandied around and everyone seem to be jostling one way or the other, trying to test the waters, though the election is still about 2 years away. We quite understand the fact that some are using it as bargaining tool for relevance.

While some have openly shown their intentions, some are still acting like they are not interested at all, while their body language says otherwise. We love the fact that those who commented on the last post seem to agree with some of the names with we had made mention of in our earlier write-up- the likes of Gbolahan Lawal, Obafemi Hamzat, Muiz Banire, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, Gbenga Ashafa, Ganiyu Solomon etc. 

Amazing image of newborn baby still INSIDE amniotic sac

A DOCTOR has snapped this astonishing photo showing a baby still encased inside its amniotic sac AFTER it had been born.
Dr Aris Tsigris put the image on his Facebook page after delivering the newborn via caesarean section in Amarousion, north of Athens.
He said that incredibly the baby would not have sensed that it was now outside its mother's body. Usually the sac - where a foetus develops to maturity - breaks on its own during birth, which causes the mum's "waters" to break.
Dr Tsigris said the amniotic sac remaining completely intact after birth was "ultra rare" and he was left "breathless" by the sight.
The stunned medic added that there was no risk to the baby as it was still feeding off the placenta and would begin to breathe as soon as the sac was broken.

Meet Olamide’s (badoo) ‘baby mama and boo from day 1′

Olamide and his Baby mama

He’s one of the hottest rappers in town now, we’ve described his rise to fame but one thing that seems to have eluded us in painting Olamide‘s rising profile is his romantic life.
He’s confirmed to Toolz in a recent interview that he’s in a relationship but who’s the special lady that has got ‘Badoo’ mushy and goofy inside? We just might have found her!
A few weeks back, the 26-year-old rapper put up photos of a pretty young lady and himself hanging out in a night club calling her his ‘baby mama’ and ‘boo from day 1′.
Don’t they look cute together?

This photo should make D’banj want to start having kids!

D’banj and Isabella Idibia. Photo: Instagram

Now don’t you just wish D’banj starts having kids of his own? We’re thinking even the entertainer himself would say to himself: ‘about time to stop being a playboy, and start raising a family’ when he sees this cute photo he took with 2face and Annie’s daughter.
The music hitmaker struck a sweet pose with 2face and Annie Idibia‘s only daughter Isabella some days age when the little girl told her mum she wanted to have a snapshot with D’banj.
‘Look who stopped by 2 say hello! Lil miss sunshine said : mama I wanna take pic wit him, says.
Not even D’banj’s gold coloured rolex wristwatch could take away the 21-carat smiles their faces carried.

EME Music Star, Niyola Thinks She Looks Like American Star Ashanti

I dont see any resemblance here, except for the fact that they are both black women. But Niyola can swear that she looks like Ashantiwith every thing has a lady.

Bassey Stríps and Dírty Dances With Beverly

 Raunchy Rubies is what they are, getting buck wild is what they do.

Tonight the Ruby House living room was transformed into a dance floor as the Housemates gathered for a dance off. It looks like all of that alcohol that they were so excíted about receiving, just a few short hours earlier on, has already worked its way into their systems.

What started off as an innocent dance off; soon things took a turn for wild when it was Bassey and Beverly’s turn to hit the floor. As the Nigerian gyrated all over him, the Sierra Leonean strípped down to his tight white briefs and he returned the favour – shaking and grinding all over the Ruby lass. Wowza! The rest of the Housemates clearly enjoy this raunchy performance as they cheered them on.

Afterwards the Rubies all huddled together chanting “Ruby, ruby, ruby”. Whoa these Rubies, they are certainly not shy are they?


Youths today may not realize it, but they belong to the largest peer group in history. This global “youth bulge” of more than 1.2 billion faces economic and social challenges which many young people are ill-equipped to tackle, according to a recent survey from the International Youth Foundation. Helping prepare this unprecedented number of 15- to 28-year-olds for a more productive future will require better access to education and expanded opportunities to develop essential career skills.
This report paints a stark picture of the Nigerian youth, struggling to gain a foothold in the labour market. The world’s current youth unemployment rate — 12.7 percent for those under age 24 — is more than twice that of the population as a whole.
The causes of youth unemployment may differ from country to country, but the solution is similar everywhere: more education.” A more disturbing report, confirms that only 56 percent of youth worldwide enroll in the equivalent of high school. That means 44 percent spend their lives with the equivalent of an eighth-grade or lower education. The big question(s) remains “(Q1) as a society, as a people and as a government are we getting this generation the education they’ll need to be successful over their lifetimes? If the answer is NO to Q1, do we have alternative platform to ensure the major uneducated youth populace are skilled? If the answer is YES to Q1 do we have the infrastructure to provide adequate employment in this era of rising unemployment?
This issue of unemployment has given rise to several “Get rich quick” schemes where these very vulnerable youths are swayed into parting with money available to them. We have heard phrases like “Entrepreneurship methodology, Leadership and entrepreneurship Etc., I submit that these are big word that has taken us farther from the truth and have led us nowhere. I also submit that they are long and short term workable solutions that can be adopted. Possible solutions are not far-fetched and need to reach more young people, more quickly.
This article highlights promising programs around the world that is helping to curb the issues of unemployment such as:
entra21, which brings technology training, internships, and confidence-building opportunities to youth in Latin America
Career Entrepreneurship and Development Office, which helps Egyptian engineering students develop life skills, entrepreneurial thinking, and workforce readiness
Youth Empowerment Success, which helps teens and young adults in Russia, Poland, and other countries improve health awareness, confidence, and communication skills so they can make better life choices
I also add that companies that are dependent on a global pipeline of skilled employees have to be part of the solution, Microsoft, for instance, has started a program in Washington State called Technology Education and Literacy in Schools, in which its employees team up with high school teachers to co-teach computer science courses.
Setting up of different vocational colleges for the semi-skilled and un-skilled youth funded by government to take youths off the street and it serves as an alternative for the high school leavers.
Get Students engaged at all levels (Primary/Secondary/Tertiary)
Although many young people are on track for college and careers, some seem to be giving up. The report describes “a significant portion of young people in developed economies entering adulthood disengaged from any productive activity whatsoever. One of the recommended action steps is to engage young people in advocating for their own needs and aspirations. Like I always say the time is NOW! Let’s take action today; we don’t have to wait till it’s perfect before we take these steps.
Make Nigeria a better place today!

Cross River Deputy Governor Commands Wife To Kneel Down And Apologize To His Aide

Mr Efiok Cobham, the Cross River State deputy governor startled his household recently when he commanded his wife, Glory to kneel down and apologize to his protocol officer, Asikpo Okon for allegedly claiming that the protocol officer was in the habit of arranging girls for his boss

A reliable source said Efiok’s wife and Asikpo have been having running battles since 2011 when, the erstwhile Cross River Broadcasting Cooperation, CRBC correspondent who was covering the government house was said to be having a relationship with the deputy governor.
”Oga was very angry with his wife when she confronted Asikpo over the relationship between him and the CRBC girl that is covering his office”.
Our source said Asikpo who is a relative of Efiok had immediately gone to tell his boss his wife’s claim that he was now arranging the CRBC girl for him and the deputy governor angrily called on the wife and commanded her to kneel down and apologize to Asikpo or kiss the marriage goodbye “Madam felt bitterly humiliated but she had no choice than to kneel down and apologize instead of ending the marriage because she saw the anger and seriousness on oga’s face”.
Glory who has since the second coming of Efiok as deputy governor, been keeping low profile even when her husband was made Acting Governor following his principal’s sojourn in the United States for four months, has been loudly complaining to her friends and relatives that she and her husband have not been having the best of times.
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