Friday, 25 January 2013

Auchi Poly Expels 74 Over Examination Malpractice

imagesCAYS8ZWJNo less than seventy four students of Auchi Polytechnic, Edo State, have been expelled by the institution over examination malpractices.
The institution’s spokesperson, Mr Mustapha Oshiobugie, disclosed this in an interview in Auchi on Wednesday.
He said the affected students were allegedly involved in various examination misconducts during the 2011/2012 academic session.
Oshiobugie said the expelled students cut across all departments of the polytechnic.
In a related development, four Higher National Diploma (HND) II students had during the session been expelled over results falsification.
He reiterated the readiness of the institution to stamp out all forms of examination malpractices.
“That is why the management deemed it fit to deal with any erring students caught in any act of malpractice.”
Oshiobugie said the exercise was ongoing, adding that the management was also concerned about stamping out certificate forgery.
“This exercise is not only a one-stop thing; that is why we always ensure students are adequately prepared for their examinations and in return we expect that they conduct themselves by not engaging in examination malpractice.
“We are also looking out for those who used forged certificates to gain admission into the institution. We will continue to carry out certificate verification and as we have always done, anyone caught will be shown the way out and probably be prosecuted for forgery.” (NAN)

May D Welcomes A “Sure Baby Boy”

BBX0K8-CMAEcpth.jpg large
It’s a boy! May D’s longtime girlfriend, Debola was delivered of a bouncing baby boy yesterday.
The lovers’ relationship has been an on/off thing, but now that a new born is involved, I guess Debola has finally gotten a permanent stay…well, not necessarily, but we hope so.
Debola has never hidden his undying love for the ‘ile-ijo’ crooner. Remember the beautiful lady that tattooed May D’s name on her arm and back? Yeah! That’s Debola.
May D
May D announced his baby’s birth on twitter yesterday; “I just had a sure baby boi”
Congratulatory messages are all over May D’s twitter TL now, you may want to go read them…
“@PeterPsquare: A big congrats 2 @MisterMayD on d birth of ur son.. Welcome 2 fatherhood homie.”
May D Tat1

Jonathan Not To Blame For Police College Decay – Obi

Peter Obi
Anambra State Governor, Peter Obi, on Friday, absolved President Goodluck Jonathan of the blame for the rot in the Police College, Ikeja, Lagos.
He, however, said the administration was working hard to solve the problem and others facing security agencies in the country.
Obi spoke with State House correspondents at the end of a meeting of the Police Fund Committee chaired by Vice-President Namadi Sambo.
He said the current administration was committed to changing the fortunes of all security agencies in the country, especially the police.
“We are looking at the overall picture, not just the rot here or rot there. The rot (in Police College, Ikeja) was not brought about by this administration but we are striving to solve it and we can’t solve it without funding.
“We can’t provide adequate security without funding. We will come up with something that will make meaning to Nigerians,” he said.

Police Arrest Three Teenagers For Cultism In Ogun

The Ogun State Police Command said yesterday that it had arrested three teenagers in Apeti area of Agbara for cultism.
In a statement sent to journalists in Abeokuta, the Ogun State, the Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi said the command’s anti-crime team led by the Divisional Police Officer Ayo Sonubi arrested the cultists.
According to Adejobi, 16-year-old Sodiq Akeem, a Senior Secondary School 1of Agbara High School, Adeniyi Clement, 14, a vulcaniser and Rilwan Aina, 14, an apprentice tailor were caught with a locally made pistol and cartridges where they were holding a meeting in preparation for an operation.
“These young boys who are so deep in cultism have confessed to be members of Eiye confraternity,” Adejobi said.
The Commissioner of Police, Okoye Ikemefuna has therefore ordered a thorough investigation into the matter to ensure their other members are arrested as well.
He advised parents and guardians to warn their children or wards against cultism.

CBN Pegs New Deposit Limit For Account Holders

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) yesterday set new deposit limits for all categories of account holders and introduced three-tier Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for banks.
With the new policy, bank customers have now been categorised into Low Value Accounts (Level One); Medium Value Accounts (Level two) and High Value Accounts (Level three).
For Low Value Account holders, the policy pegs a maximum single deposit amount of N20,000 and maximum cumulative balance of N200,000 at any point in time.  For Medium Value Account holders, a maximum single deposit of N50,000 and a maximum cumulative balance of N400,000. However for the High Value Account, no limit is placed on cumulative balance.
A circular to all banks and other financial institutions (OFIs) signed by CBN Director, Financial Policy and Regulation, Chris Chukwu, explained that the policy became necessary after the CBN recognised that access to basic banking facilities and other financial services is crucial in achieving the policy on financial inclusion. He advised banks to adopt the new KYC requirement adding that the proposed deposit limits is meant to reduce the risk of money laundering and financing of terrorism.
He said the Low Value Accounts are subject to close monitoring by the financial institutions and less scrutiny by bank examiners.
The CBN director said the accounts could be opened at branches of banks by a prospective customer or through banking agents and no amount is required for its opening. However, such accounts prohibit international funds transfer.
According to him, the Medium Value Accounts can be opened face to face at any branch of a bank by agents for enterprises or by the account holder but, the accounts are strictly savings with no amount required for its opening. Also, where cross-checking of client’s identity cards information is not completed at the point of account opening, withdrawal would be declined.
Chukwu added that for the High-Value Accounts, banks are required to obtain, verify and maintain copies of all the required documents for accounts opening. Account is to be opened at the bank branches by physical presence of the prospective customer and the accounts could be both savings and current.
However, for mobile banking products, the account attracts a maximum transaction limit of N100, 000 and daily limit of N1 million however, such services are subject to the CBN Regulatory Framework for Mobile Payments Services in Nigeria.
He said that banks are required to have robust, effective and efficient anti-money laundering /combating the financial terrorism (AML/CFT) solutions with screening tools in place that will monitor the various thresholds. “All accounts, no matter how low the transaction or the risks, must be subjected to continuous suspicious transactions monitoring by financial institutions which will determine when incremental KYC requirements need to be provided by the customers,” he said.
He said the CBN will ensure the establishment of appropriate processes and procedures for the purpose of monitoring compliance with the regulatory framework. He added that non-compliant financial institutions would be sanctioned in line with the provisions of extant laws and regulations. He said 64.1 per cent representing 56.3 million adult Nigerians do not have access to financial services, hence the policy is also meant to bridge the gap.

First Photo Of Shakira’s Baby Hits The Internet

Shakira has finally revealed a glimpse of her new baby boy. And the kid’s got custom kicks already. How old is he? 3 days?

Can you see 'Milan' on the shoe?
Can you see ‘Milan’ on the shoe?
The Latina songstress whose ‘hips don’t lie’ gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Jan. 22 in Spain with Barcelona Football club star, Gerard Piqué, who took the liberty of tweeting a photo of the child before the paparazzo. Although the flick only shows the baby’s tiny feet rocking Nikes with his name Milan etched in them, it’s a start.
“The name Milan means dear, loving and gracious in Slavic; in Ancient Roman, eager and laborious; and in Sanskrit, unification,” Shakira said in a press release after her baby was born.
On the morning after the birth, Piqué attended his regular soccer training with his teammates at Barca where he received congratulations and praise from his teammates. He revealed that the happy parents both cried when they first saw their son, and that Milan’s mouth resembled his own.

Man Grows New Nose In His Arm

A businessman who lost his nose to skin cancer is having a new one grown in his arm using stem cells, in a pioneering procedure.
Experts at University College London say the new nose will look exactly the same as the man’s original one, and hope it will even have a sense of smell.
The trial marks the first time a full nose has been grown from scratch, and could in future be used as a therapy for patients such as soldiers and car crash victims, the Daily Mail reported.
The first stage of the process was to create a glass mould of the unnamed man’s nose, and to spray it with a honeycomb-like material to form a biological scaffold for new cells to attach themselves to.
Once the scaffold had been built, the glass mould was removed and the biological frame was coated with millions of stem cells which can be coaxed into forming cartilage using chemicals.
At the same time, researchers inserted a small balloon beneath the surface of the man’s arm and gradually inflated it to stretch the skin, making it loose enough to accommodate the new nose.
Professor Alex Seifalian, who is leading the experiment, said the man’s nose has been designed to look exactly like the original – slightly crooked.
He told BBC Focus magazine: “His nose was a little bit bent to the left and we asked if he wanted it straight but he said no, he wanted it exactly the same.”

Police Arrest 2 Kidnap Suspects, Rescue Victim In Imo

Men of the Imo State Police Command last Wednesday arrested two suspected kidnappers and freed a woman they abducted from Igwuruta, Rivers State, Vanguard reports.
Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, DSP Vitalis Onugu, while confirming this to newsmen yesterday said that “in the early hours of last Wednesday, four armed men stormed the home of Mrs Linus Okechi situated along Farm Road, Igwuruta, Rivers State, when she was about taking her children to school”.
Onugu said the armed hoodlums quickly ordered her into her Honda CRV RAV4 vehicle and took her away.
“They drove from Igwuruta to Imo and on getting to Ihiagwa, Owerri West local government area, policemen on stop and search flagged them down but they refused to stop. Sensing that something was amiss, the policemen pursued them,” the PPRO recounted.
Speaking further, Onugu said that the hoodlums ran into a traffic gridlock and on realizing that the police was closing in on them, jumped out of the vehicle and ran into a nearby bush.
“The police still defied odds and ran after the fleeing gangsters. Their effort paid off as two of the four fleeing kidnappers were arrested,” Onugu said.
“The woman was rescued alive and unhurt, while the two suspects have been transferred to Rivers State Police Command for further investigation and possible prosecution.”
Onugu gave the names of the arrested suspects as Josiah Michael, a motor mechanic, and native of Etche, Rivers State, and Ifeanyi Ezeala from Umuowa, Orlu, Imo State.
Following the arrests, the Commissioner of Police, Mr Baba Adisa Bolanta has appealed to youths to resist every temptation that would lure them into crime, as he warned that the police would not hesitate to deal with anybody or group of persons that preferred to take to crime instead of being useful to themselves and society.

Singer, Goldie Becomes Preacher, Preaches On “Seven Deadly Sins”

Singer, Susan Oluwabimpe Harvey popularly called Goldie who was rumoured to be dating Prezzo late last year has turned born again.
According to her, she woke up and a particular nagging though wouldn’t leave her head and she has decided to pour it out.
Read her write up below
“I woke up this morning and this thought wouldn’t leave my head The 7 deadly Sins”.
I don’t know why it kept ringing in my head as I hadn’t watched a movie or even read anything similar to the subject before I went to bed or even in recent times.
However, never being one to ignore the signs, I decided to do a little research and read up on “The 7 deadly sins” and it definitely was an eye opener.
The Seven Deadly Sins: Proverbs 6:16-19. “There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him:
Haughty eyes, (Pride), A lying tongue,(A Liar), Hands that shed innocent blood,(Murderer), A heart that devises wicked schemes, Feet that are quick to rush into evil, A false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community”(Gossip).
The real 7 sins however are; Lust. Gluttony. Greed. Sloth. Wrath. Envy. Pride.
Lust: Doesn’t relate to just anything s*xual, but relates to an obsession with pleasure. A disordered desire for inordinate physical enjoyment. Anyone who can’t get enough of a “good” thing so much that it turns bad is lustful.
Gluttony: Gluttony isn’t just about excessive eating, it pertains to wanting anything in excessive amounts even when you have no use for it. Anyone who wants more than they need or can make use of at any point in time is a glutton.
Greed: Pertains to an obsessive desire for material wealth and Power. A desire to amass any and everything the world has to offer. Anyone who revels in the attainment of wealth and power in order to be better than and/or have control over others is greedy.
Sloth: Sloth is a kind of spiritual laziness as opposed to mere physical fatigue. It means not making it a priority to do what we should, or change what we should in ourselves. Some people might call it apathy, which means a lack of feeling. An example of sloth is someone avoiding to do the right thing due to a lack of personal motivation.
Wrath: Wrath or anger is an emotion that makes us want do hostile things to each other. It isn’t the “anger” itself that is the sin, but the actions it leads us to should we allow it to. An example of an action anger can cause is vengeance.
Envy: Envy is the love of what other people possess, rather than what is Good, Beautiful and True. Anyone who covets what people around him/her have and wishes it was theirs is envious.
Pride: Pride is actually at the root of all sin. That is why it is listed first and that’s why I’m talking about it last. This is because pride is first and foremost inherent in all sin. Proud people are those that look condescendingly on others. They look at others as inferior in an arrogant way and see themselves as better than everyone else.
It is pride that makes you envious. It is pride that makes you angry. It is pride that makes you greedy. Pride is the root cause of lust! Of gluttony! and if you look closely, of sloth too. Laziness comes out of believing,you’re too good to do something or an action is beneath you, therefore you do nothing.
In conclusion, after my research I believe that if we all let go of pride, a lot of wrongs in the world would turn right.

CNN Interview: Jonathan Lacks Understanding – Sani

CNNPresident Goodluck Jonathan’s recent interview with the Cable News Network’s Christiane  Amanpour, Wednesday night, has continued to generate reactions from all and sundry particularly, his comment that Boko Haram was not caused by poverty or years of misrule.
Jonathan was quoted as saying, “The sect was not born out of misrule, definitely not; sometimes people feel it is a result of poverty, but no. Boko Haram is a local terror group and that is why we call on the rest of the World to help us.”
In his reaction, the Executive Director of Civil Rights Congress, Mallam Shehu Sani, faulted Jonathan’s assertion that the Boko Haram insurgency was not a product of misrule and poverty.
Sani said the President’s assertion demonstrated his lack of understanding of the issue.
Sani in a telephone interview said, “What we should understand clearly is that the President is completely lacking in knowledge and grasp of the situation on the ground.
“And one comment after another, he has completely exposed his ignorance about the root causes and solution to the Boko Haram violence.
“The emergence and sustenance of the Boko Haram violence is remotely connected to the years of destruction, injustice and iniquity in the northern part of Nigeria.
“The major foot soldiers of the group are clearly people who are from the lower ladder of the society.
“It is not possible to find people who are economically comfortable engaging in violence.”
When asked about the privileged background of the underwear bomber, Abdulmutallab, Sani said, “That is Mutallab as an individual but this is a group. Mutallab acted as an individual; he acted alone.
“He enjoyed privileges and got connected to a foreign terrorist group, what we are talking about is a homegrown terrorist group.
“I am sure those who are being arrested are foot soldiers only; you don’t see people from the middle class or the upper class.”

Police Arrests Bisi Komolafe’s Husband Over Property

The family of late actress, Bisi Komolafe have used the police to arrest and detain Tunde Ijaduola for failure to return the properties of the late actress.
bisi and tunde
MetroNews exclusively gathered that Tunde was arrested on Tuesday at his family house in Epe and was brought to State Anti Robbery Squad office in Ikeja where he is currently cooling off as a guest
It could be recalled that the family of the late actress have been at war with Tunde after the death of the actress over her properties which they believe are in possession of Tunde.

Last week,he returned the Honda Pilot car to her Ikorodu house but still took a Tv set which he claimed was his inheritance from his late dad

Tiwa Savage In Another Romance Allegation

When we reported the lovey-dovey between the Pepsi Ambassador, Tiwa Savage and Marvin Records boss, not many people believe us.
Though, the sexy Nigerian artiste laer came out to debunk the story. The songtress who is making all the money in the world with her new lease of life, Tiwa Savage, was spotted recently with her Manager, Tee Billz at Elite Model Look 2012 event in Lagos in an uncompromising position.

You all know that, Tiwa has never confessed to be dating a particular man but the last event, according to an eye-witness, proved her wrong as the two didn’t spend any moment away from each other during the event and after the party.

They were spotted hugging, kissing and posing for photographs throughout the event. I hope this rumour is true.

Cool FM OAP Set To Take D’banj’s Sister To The Altar

Oladotun Ojuolape Kayode of Cool FM reports say has plans of spending the rest of his life with D’banj’s younger sister, Taiwo Oyebanjo. 

Sources say the on-air-personality popularly known as D.O 2d T.U.N has been dating the former Mo’hits accountant who turned-boutique owner in Victoria Island, for a while now and they seem ready to work down the aisle.

Taiwo, Dotun always say has changed his life and Taiwo too sources say would spare a kidney for Dotun if she had to. When they both discovered their intentions dovetail, Dotun made his intention known to her parents who sources say have given their consent. Taiwo’s superstar brother D’banj is also said to be aware.
Dotun has been at Cool FM since 2004, and currently anchors the ‘Midday Oasis Show’ alongside singer-presenter Temilola ‘Taymi’ Balogun. He also comperes at shows, and ‘helps out’ at the weekly talent showcase Industry Nite once in a while.

God Will Strike Anyone Who Attributes My Success To Someone Else” – D’banj

In a major interview post ‘Mo Hits, DB/Good Music/Mercury/IDJ artiste, Dapo Oyebanjo popularly called D’banj, sought to lay to rest various allegations and rumours being peddled about him, in an exclusive interview he granted a Lagos State based radio station, Cool FM.
The artiste, who lists Why Me as his break out song, also spoke on chances of reconciling with former partner and friend Don Jazzy. Asked if there were chances that both parties may reconcile, he said “We can always work together and Don Jazzy still produced some songs on my forthcoming album. Yes we can work together in future. Maybe a big company can pay a lot of money for us to perform and yes it has to be a lot of money for me.”

Although the separation remains fresh in the minds of the public since the break-up made public in March this year, the singer appeared to be still be nursing the wounds. He appeared overwhelmed with emotions when the interviewer referred to Don Jazzy as his friend. To this he went metaphorical saying, “What do you guys call friends, I mean I had friends for nine years and you guys saw what happened after the divorce. I lost custody of my children (signees) apart from the one I had out of wedlock.”

D’banj also said he was boss of defunct Mo Hits Record by claiming that it was his record label D’Banj (DB) Records that went into partnership with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D and not Mo’Hit.

Ever since the singer was officially signed on to West’s G.O.O.D Music label in July, he was rumoured to have joined the dreaded Iluminati Cult, which is alleged to be home to a number of American celebrities, including West. In defence, D’banj said, “I don’t know anything about the Illuminati. When I wanted to travel out of Nigeria for the first time I collected my international passport from Bishop David Oyedepo. That shows that I owe my success to God. If my success is too fast for people or they cannot understand it please don’t attribute it to illuminati. I feel very offended when that is being said because it simply translates to giving God’s glory to another person which He does not share with anyone. God will strike anyone who attributes my success to someone else.”

To the allegations of an existing relationship with Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji, he said, “I am very single, and Genevieve is my friend. I have been saying this for over a year since we shot the Fall in Love video. Can’t you people just see fine boy and fine girl in a video kissing each other and not think anyhow?”
Although the singer who released his debut album, No Long Thing in 2005, was recently featured on West’s Cruel Summer CD inlay and a couple of other singles, he has been criticised for ‘leaving his kingship in Nigeria to become a prince in America.’

Amidst laughter, Dbanj replied, “Did I change the crown? I only carried my crown to the US. People are just confused but the truth is I am still a king wherever I am. Being in a different country and culture I had to study the environment which is what I am still doing. I actually thought I would release my album in America but my label thought UK would be better because I have a bigger fan base there. I weighed my options remember everything did not come from me so I had to do what I did to move on.”

The singer, who revealed that his mother allowed him to travel to the UK in 2002 with a condition that he would spend just two months there, describes social media network as platform for idle talk.

“I am too busy for social media, please. If you people want to talk to me go to TV or radio I don’t go to social media except I have something to say. I never give out recharge cards on Twitter (laughs) even when I was with Globacom I never did that. If you want to do that why not help a charity instead.”

Latest On Mo’Hits: Leaked Emails Between Dbanj and Don Jazzy Released

Leaked emails exchanged between Dbanj and Don Jazzy were recently obtained and released by Punch Newspapers, the emails provide more insight into the cause of the break up and the current state of affairs at Mo’Hits.
You can view the emails below:
D’banj must pay all the debts of Mo’Hits – Don Jazzy
In regards to D’banj’s claim for 100 percent ownership of all songs recorded under the Mo’Hits imprint, the acclaimed producer in an email on March 17th, states, “That Mo’Hits Records does not already own 100 per cent of the songs. Note that Mo’Hits Records only owns 60 per cent of the songs and 40 per cent belongs to the individual artiste. So, 40 per cent of the songs is not mine to give.” He continues, “That me (I am) giving him (D’banj) my share of the catalogue does not and will never include him having the right to stop them (the artistes)  from performing the songs or give him the right to claim any monies for live performances of these songs. And any loans or debt owed by Mo’Hits records as at today will be cleared by Mr D’banj as I am clearly not aware of any.”

Don Jazzy states further that the catalogues he is releasing to his former partner only consists of songs already released in an album exempting new singles and unreleased materials. “So, songs like Wande Coal’sGo Low and Been Long You Saw Me are not part of this catalogue he is receiving. Also, an artiste like D’Prince, not only has he not released any album, he has not signed any contract whatsoever with Mo’Hits Records. That he has no right to claim any monies for deals that have been brokered already as at today with the catalogues or stop their usage. It is important to note that any unreleased songs done by any artiste (including D’banj and K-Switch) MUST NOT be released and is not part of the catalogue I am giving away.”
He adds, “With these few points, I do hope that you all realise that I have been generous enough to facilitate the End of the “D’banj & Don Jazzy” era as a team. After this new deal has been signed and sealed, I do NOT look forward to seeing an email whatsoever or hearing from the DKM (D’banj, K-Switch, Mo’Hits) crew, and all is well again.”

Will you return the Bentley I bought for you? – D’banj
Same day, D’banj responded to the email, stating, “In case he (Don Jazzy) forgot, this is the arrangement! 50/50—–song writer/ production, which means for a song X for artiste Y, 75 per cent as per production is fully owned by Mo’Hits and writing is shared 25/25 with the individual artiste co- writing. So, that’s the deal! So him (sic) saying 40 per cent is not his to give away is more like 75per me and 25per each artiste.”

He then asks, “What do you mean by any bills or loans would be cleared by Mr. D’banj? That will never happen because when I ran the company, I ran it perfectly and well. So, if I give him my shares he is left with 100 per cent liability. My catalogue is everything that has been done with the Mo’Hits system and under the normal agreement we have, that means everything I have recorded or that has been recorded whether new or old, or even classic, whether beat with concept or even idea without beats, anything we did as a team and sponsored by me throughout, then, it is mine. Including K-switch clause and all mine and even Wande’s singles and all till the date of signing even today.”
Continuing, D’banj writes, “And now, (I) wanna clear the air on this Samsung deal! I would expect by now that you understand that me keeping quiet is being GENEROUS because this is a deal structured under Mo’Hits Records, (and it is) the first deal and income you would ever bring into the company in  eight years. We shared the first 150k (One hundred and fifty thousand dollars) the right way, 1/3 down and that was cool. But after you collected another 130k and did not say anything (that) is and could be described as theft! I only refused to contact them (Samsung) directly because of your reputation. But please don’t call me a fool and let’s know who is generous!” D’banj was not coy about his anger. He states that after sharing over N1bn with Don Jazzy in their Mo’Hits days, he was shocked that the producer would now sideline him when he got the balance from Samsung.’’

D’banj writes further, “Please, please, will he (Don Jazzy) return the Bentley because I bought it for him and it was N5.2m more than mine? And Prince that he claims has no signed contract but is actively involved and signed via engagement– I win his catalogue too – all recorded whether released now or not! This is because no one questioned me when I bought D’Prince N11m naira car (LR3/Range) without releasing any album just to boost the image of the boy and it worked for him! So, let’s get the facts straight, I AM BEING MORE THAN GENEROUS.”

Good music deal and other issues
After Don Jazzy inferred on twitter that the end might have come for Mo’Hits, E-Punch reliably gathers that D’banj was prevailed upon by close friends and associates not to talk despite being aggrieved that his lifelong friend had painted him black before the public. But the hyperactive entertainer, the source says, may have reached his tether’s end and any moment from now would reveal to the world all that went wrong between him and Don Jazzy. Part of what he will talk about, E-Punch learns, will dwell on the genesis of their separation and the point at which Don Jazzy advised that they did away with Mo’Hits and concentrate on their GOOD Music deal. “It was D’banj who prevailed on him that even if they were going to concentrate on their deal with Kanye, they didn’t need to do away with Mo’Hits,” says the source. When the deal with GOOD Music sailed through, Don Jazzy was signed on as a producer while D’banj was the artiste. By virtue of how the American music system works, producers are only meant to be heard not seen. So, the source says further, “Kanye and D’banj and the other guys were always going out leaving behind the producers, including Don Jazzy, which didn’t go down well with him. After some time, D’banj noticed this and to placate him, he bought both of them a Bentley each. Further, he also bought a house in Atlanta, equipped with high tech studio equipment so that Don Jazzy could be working mostly from their new home but he was not appeased as he felt that he was being outshined by D’banj.”

On the other hand, Don Jazzy allegedly told his close associates that the reason he decided to part ways with D’banj was because of an alleged arrogance which was impacting negatively on the other artistes. Long before Mo’Hits evolved, they were friends before becoming partners, putting up with each other’s shortcomings but fame and money have combined to becloud their tolerance of each other.

Kanye West might drop D’banj over the Don Jazzy feud

DB Records owner and pop artiste D’Banj is desperately trying to reconcile with his former Mo’ Hits partner Don Jazzy. In a bid to get his former maverick producer back, D’Banj asked Kanye West to talk to Don Jazzy. A few months ago the rap superstar called Don Jazzy to try and get the two Mo’ Hits owners to forget the past and work again. Our source who is close to both D’Banj and Don Jazzy confirmed this to be true and says that D’Banj’s attempt to get Don Jazzy back has been going on for  sometime. Click to continue reading…
Our news story also coincides with Kanye West, Don Jazzy and D’Banj story in today’s edition of City People. According to the magazine, “Kanye West, believed to be at the center of the controversy that led to their fight is making efforts to reconcile them…Kanye West was not aware of the fight between D’Banj and Don Jazzy until 3 months ago and has been trying to get them together.”

The City People story goes on to say that “while he was in the studio with D’Banj some weeks back working on the remix of “Scapegoat” Kanye West brought the topic up again and asked D’banj why Don Jazzy was not in the US with him working on the song. D’Banj was said to have told him that they are still friends but work on different platforms now. Again, Kanye is not happy about the fact that his name was on the internet as one of the reasons the duo fell apart. He insists they get back together if he has to keep working him. He prompted D’Banj to once again try and make up with Don Jazzy.
“Recently D’Banj invited Kanye West to come to Nigeria for the video shoot of “Scape Goat” remix he did with him. He accepted but gave a strict condition that he will come only after he has reconciled with Don Jazzy who must also be in the video.”
According to the City People story, after several attempts by D’Banj, Don Jazzy agreed to appear in the video on a condition that he gets paid for his appearance.

Reported N160 Million Nicon Estate Home Was Never Bought By Don Jazzy – Rep

Vanguard had not reported this story as we awaited confirmation from Don Jazzy who has now spoken through a representative “Yes, Don Jazzy bought a house recently but not the reported one at Nicon Estate. That is not Don Jazzy’s home. ”
This is not the first time Don Jazzy has stepped out to refute stories about him that had gone viral. In May, shortly after the very popular break up with former business partner D’banj, there had been claims of calls and interviews from bloggers and reporters that the ace producer had reacted severally to D’banj’s interviews on the break- up and just like this one, the gist had gone viral. Don Jazzy had told Vanguard’s now late group entertainment editor Ogbonna Amadi
“I have seen different kinds of interviews and blogs and whatever that people have written and they say that they spoke to me.
Like I was reading a blog the other day and I saw Exclusive Phone Interview by Don Jazzy bla bla bla and they wrote like a full conversation. The person said this and I said this and that I said this and the truth is I have not had such interview with anyone. I have not spoken to any reporter this year.
Could that be true? (Amadi asked)
Yes, they are not quoting anybody they were quoting themselves may be they have one imaginary Don Jazzy they were talking to or the other because the Jazzy they quoted is not me, I really do not speak to anybody regarding any situation or any issues, I have not put out any press statement saying whatever on this issue so people just really assumed. They were quoting themselves.”
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