Friday, 2 August 2013

Basketmouth’s Book:says Before I Write A Book Part 2

Ace comedian Basket Mouth announced last week that he was going to release an autobiography. As an incentive, he dropped a teaser for the public.

Well, here’s is the second part of that teaser from his book – “Before I write a book”.

  1.  As I pay respect to those great men that changed my life, the seemingly little gestures that shaped me and have made  me who I am… I recall another long evening…

   2. Year 2000, Fame pre-award concert.  Dele Olukoju and Wale Oluwaleimu were the stage/project managers. I had met Wale before then and he had suggested I come perform in my bid to build a name.

   3. I went there with a friend of mine,we had spent the last kobo on us transporting ourselves and getting food to eat as the event didn’t start early enough. Continue…

My performance was done @ about midnight. It was a great outing for me. As it was time  to leave,I met with the show organisers hoping I’d be paid for my service or get a little change for transport. Unfortunately, communication had gone wrong somehow as they thought I was doing the performance for free.

Huh?! Olamide and Bez collaborate on

Olamide and Bez in the studio copy

In what can be described as the oddest music collaboration of the year, Olamide and Bez will be releasing a duet pretty soon.
It’s a wrap !!! Classic shii wiv bez… #ybnlnation‘, Olamide wrote obviously excited about the new song with Bez just as excited leaving a comment ‘Epic Music Baddoo!‘.
Yoruba lingo Hip-Hop + Soul/Jazz, yes it does look weird on paper but so did Run-D.M.C‘s Rap/Rock collaboration with Aerosmith until it hit the radio. We anticipate a crossover song which will appeal to both artistes’ fans

New Music: FreddyPoundz ft Reminisce – GABO

photo (3)

“GABO is definitely for the dance floor, this fast tempo song, produced by Jospo has this street feel on it, little wonder why Freddypoundz featured the “alaga ibile” himself Reminisce on it. This joint right right here is for the dudes, so when all them girls come around, tell them to GABO!”


: 'A Bullet For The Pope" - Written By Charly Boy

The first 20yrs of my life, I seriously had this dream of being a priest. I was overfed with an overdose of religion which has always been a very serious business in my family. You dare not be late for morning mass or else you get the whipping of your life, yes my father was that strict, no nonsense when it came to going to church or anything spiritual. That’s where I’m coming from, we were a family that prayed together and were very staunch Catholics for that matter.

    When I turned 16 I became an altar boy, at that time that was the coolest thing to be, considering years of going to bible classes and regular confessions. Eight months into the spiritual things as an altar boy, I made a big goof; I drank the priests wine and ate a bunch of Holy Communion enough to fill me up. I figured I could be more spiritual by that action, but I got expelled as an altar boy, needless to say how scandalized and angry my father was then, OMG.

By the time I turned 20, I’ve had enough religion to last me two life times. By 1974, I left to further my studies in the USA, I was overjoyed because for the first time, I was going to be on my own. I was really carried away with my new found independence. Being an adventurous young man I started dabbling into not only the occult but with metaphysics, Buddhism, astrology, magic and all that Jazz. However, I still believe I was fundamentally a Catholic by birth, but the catholic fate has suddenly become boring and old fashion for me.

“Stella Damasus Has Proved That It’s Possible For A Human To Have Metal Skin” – Daniel Ademinokan

Stella Damasus’ new husband, Daniel Ademinokun who was a year older yesterday took to his Facebook page to thank his friends and well wishers.


He also addressed hispart of  message to Stella Damasus that he laughs at people who talk about them.
”I want to say a very big thank you to everyone who wrote on my wall, sent me messages via inbox, cards (digital & physical), phone calls and text messages on my birthday. Thanks a million. God bless you for the prayers you said. May God continue to reward you and bless you for your love and support and for celebrating with me.
The Bible says rejoice with those who rejoice. Because you have rejoiced with me.
I pray that laughter and joy does not cease in your homes in Jesus name. The world will celebrate you and may all your positive dreams definitely come true in Jesus name.
A big thank you to Patrick DiRenna and the DFA crew for the surprise cake and shout out! You guys almost made me cry. God bless you! You guys are an amazing family to have. CANDIE … I see you!!
Some people’s messages brought tears to my eyes. Today, I just realized that regardless of what faceless people say or conjure in their hearts about you…those who really know you…they know you and will stand by you.

Check Out Actress, Chika Ike On Her New York Vacation

photo photo
Nollywood actress, Chika Ike who is officially now a single woman after an Abuja High Court granted her request for a divorce is definitely moving on with her life as she took to a vacation to New York and New Jersey to enjoy herself for the main time .

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