Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Female Preacher Who Preaches unclad With Her b00bs Exposed 

Well, this sure looks like the new-age scriptures.
these are signs of the endtimes.
She is a preacher who sees nothin wrong with exposing her bust while spreading the word. Her sermons aptly named "The Gospel From The SKRIPPER POLE" gets a lot of fans, mostly men.
highly  crazed and pervert
Above is a picture of her while giving one of her recent sermons.
Thanks @Omotola, Laide Bakare Starts Her Own Reality TV Show - My Experience 

I think its time I debut my own reality TV show too, considering popular yoruba actress, Laide Bakare taking on the feat to start her own reality TV show with her one missing front teeth  Grin SMH

African Freshness! 2face Idibia and Omoni Oboli Cover Red Sheet Magazine 
This couldn't have been any more beautiful

Popular Artiste, Zara Gretti Is Battling With Cancel In USA

 the sudden demises of some of its practitioners, fast rising songstress cum radio presenter born Margaret Mary Oluwatoyin Ejiro Joseph but otherwise known as Zara Gretti, needs your prayer to stay alive!

After many years in United State of America, her decision to come back to Nigeria in 2009 for her youth service may not have been wrong. Today Zara Gretti, not only  stamped her authority in the Nigerian music scene with ‘Abokoku’, a follow up track to her debut hit song titled Flyest, Zara proved to be one of the next big things in the Nigerian broadcasting industry.

Unfortunately, as ‘Teno’, Zara’s last single before the bubbly chubby chic left Naija for U.S, moved her an inch to her breakthrough in the music scene, the humble song bird is currently battling a strange illness. Although, an unconfirmed report stated that Zara is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, the latest news at our disposal says she may undergo chemotherapy for a disease suggested to be cancer!

Moreover, she who may not sound sick to her huge fans and friends on social media, Zara who is now shadow of her former self, is reported to have been battling with this life-threatening illness for some time now and it God’s grace that keeps her alive till today.

With a couple of shining stars dimmed too soon, the Nigerian entertainment industry cannot afford to lose another promising youth, please always remember Zara in your prayers. Let’s rally round her now that she still alive! May God almighty heal and spare Zara (Amen). Below is one of Zara’s last interviews while in Nigeria. It was done by Kazeem Popoola.

You recently dropped another single titled Teno, when are you releasing your debut album?

I could have had an album by now but I choose not to because what’s the point releasing an album when the people are not asking for an album from you? We just have a couple of guys who feel like they’ve arrived and goes on to launch an album. I would rather wait for people to be hungry for my full album, whet their appetite and later drop album.

How was the experience as an intern with Rhythm FM?

It’s been an interesting thing; I’ve had to dedicate a lot more time to learn a lot of things. I’ve gotten some experience on another thing entirely but now that I am done with my Youth Service, music is now my priority and Zara is my priority. There is going to be a bigger focus on my music.

How can you brand you music?

I would like to call it popular music, but really what is popular music? Pop music varies round the world it depends on where you are, so I’d say call it Nigerian Pop, I don’t know, it’s really difficult especially as I do delivery in different manners, I rap, sing and a bit of this and that, let’s just call it Afro Pop.

Are you still with Toni Payne?

Toni Payne has been my friend since 2005 and she is still my friend but she is no longer my manager. Even though we no longer have a working contract together, we are good friends and still have working relationship. There is always work, if there is business there is business but I handles my own management now.

How did you come about the message in your hit track titled Abokoku or are you singing from experience?

I was actually encouraged to sing and it happened to be a love song. Although, I don’t know much about been in love, I had to do a research on those who have no partner but already decreeing that when they meet their lover, they would love to death. That’s where Abokoku came from. I never come across the term, Abokoku, until I wrote the song, and I learnt it was used to insult a person who is bent in love. So, I thought there was nothing wrong loving your man and I decided to do something positive with the song.

Are you now saying you’re not in love?

I’m in love with Jesus; I’m in love with my music (Laughs)

How do you mean?

My focus is on my music career, if I happen to meet somebody and we are getting along when that revelation comes then great. When I mean revelation, I don’t mean something that will drop from the sky but when that time comes, you will know. I am not looking for a man right now.

What are the qualities you are looking for in a man?

He definitely has to understand what I’m doing with my music, has to be in total support of what I’m do as I will also support him in whatever he does. He has to be God fearing.

How did music thing start with you?

That was in 2006 when I was about to graduate from the University and I went to Atlanta before my internship. When I was in Atlanta, I went to studio with my friend, Kino, he wanted me to do back-up vocals for him, and it was there I told him that I wanted to rap. We later went to eLdee’s house in Atlanta. He was just telling us about a particular girl, who is about to take over the Nigerian music scene, and surprisingly when he played the song it was mine. So he had advised me to consider doing music. I decided writing and doing music, here I am five years later.


How ready are you for the occasional scandals that are attached to fame?

Is anybody ready for scandals? I’m not sure but with anything that comes with life you have to deal with it and work through it. It doesn’t matter what it is.

How did you feel when the alleged sex tale of you and Jessy Jagz filtered to town?

I laughed and I still laugh, and when he sees me too he laughs. You know, you don’t know where these things come from and when it happened you either laugh it off or get angry. I’m not the angry type, so I laughed. It’s not that Jessy is a bad guy but the story is not true.

Even though you claimed not to be in love, do you have crush on any of popular music stars?

No, not at all, unless you can find me Chris Brown, he’s kind of young. Although, I do have a music crush on somebody and that is Mr. Femi Kuti. I will fall down the day he agrees to do a track with me.

Any memorable moments?

It’s got to be with Mr. Femi Kuti, I have three memorable moments with him. I was 14 or 15 years old when he came to U.S to perform. I went to watch his live performance and there was a time he had a break to talk to somebody. I was lucky to be the person. So he asked of my name and I said Toyin, and he was like “Omo Yoruba ni e?” and I said yes. The second time was when he came to Philadelphia to perform, I had to go. And again when he had to talk to somebody it was me. A couple of days later when I had to return to Nigeria for a Christmas break in 2009, I saw him. I screamed and ran to give him a big hug, not minding the bouncers who surrounded him.

What made you leave 9ice’s Alapomeji Record label?

It was just a business decision that I needed to make, it has nothing to do with Toni Payne and 9ice’s differences or relationship. Personal life has nothing to do with business life so it was just a thing of how the work was going. Things were not going on entirely comfortable so we sat down and said maybe it’s okay to path ways.

Who would you say discovered you?

That’s a tough one! I’m still experimenting and don’t think I have discovered myself, I don’t think I’ve been discovered I think I have been blessed and  very fortunate for people to like what they have heard so far.  I think DJ D Money released my first track; I remembered I recorded a track, it was not even completed. I don’t even know where and how DJ D Money got it. He put it on Nigeria radio website and asked people to give their opinion, and the next thing I know was that I’m performing here and there, opening shows for Tony Tetuila, Julius Agwu among others in U.S. This was how people started calling to manage me, most especially when I released the hit track titled flyest. It became the most popular track on notjustok.com.

Why did you comeback to Nigeria?

No I haven’t been home for a while and it’s just been unfortunate that I’ve never got the opportunity to come because I’ve always wanted to see my grandmother and my grandfather. And since I returned I have been like why haven’t I been here all this while?
Top Designer, Toyin Lawani Flaunts N12m Infiniti Jeep, Donates N30K To Charity 

The designer and CEO of Tiannah's Place was a year older on Friday March 1st and she got herself a 2013 infiniti QX56 worth about N12million as birthday present.

She also visited the Pacelli School For The Blind to make a generous donation.

C' River: Child Witch Saga: Father tortures 6-yr-old daughter for five days

A six- year- old girl, Edidiong Etok Akpan, who was subjected to a harrowing treatment by her father, Edet Etok Akpan, was rescued after she had been locked up in a room with her hands tied and mouth covered with a piece of cloth for five days.

Edidiong said her 42-year-old father started beating her on Tuesday,19th of February, after one Prophetess Endurance, the pastor of the church they attend, told "my father that I was a witch and I was the one making him not to progress in life".

She said after the severe beatings, which, according to her, lasted for two days, on Thursday, 21st February, her father tied her hands with a cord and covered her mouth with a piece of cloth and "locked me in the inner room of our house and he never gave me food and never allowed me to go to school ".

The girl, who said she attends Femos Nursery and Primary School, located at 24 Etyin Abasi Street, Calabar, was dying after days without food or water when luck came her way on Sunday, 23rd February, at about 11 am, as another child who lives in the same with her family came to their veranda, looked through the window and saw Edidiong bound on the floor and screamed. "The girl called her parents and neighbours to come and see Edidiong tied like a goat inside their house", Mr James Ibor of the Basic Rights Counsel, a child rights advocate lawyer, who was called to the scene, said.

Ibor said that when the neighbours saw the girl in that state, one of them called him and he, in turn, informed the officer in charge of legal matters at the Cross River State Police Command headquarters, Superintendent George, and they both drove to the place.

"As we were going there, we also informed the police at Efuk, Mbukpa to join us.When we got there, we saw a crowd outside and we knew that,that was the place and we went in and carried out the rescue by breaking the door".

He said the girl was "very weak because she had been without food for days and so we had to give her water first, then, after about ten minutes, we gave her milk before solid food an hour later".

Ibor said the father and mother had locked up the girl in the inner room of their two- room apartment and went to church in the hope that by the time they came back, the girl may have died. "God saved her and she is now living with her grandmother in another part of town,"the lawyer said.

DSP John Umoh, Cross River State Police Command spokesman, said the father, from Akwa Ibom State, had been arrested and would soon appear in court to answer charges of felony. "To tie a small girl hand and mouth and lock her in a room for days without food is a grievious offence; he (the father) will soon appear in court", Umor added.
Abuja National Stadium From Green Grass To Forest And Now Desert.     
September 2012, a popular photo journalist, Femi Ipaye visited the National Stadium in Abuja and photo-documented the degeneration of the structures built by former President Olusegun Obasanjo for $300 million. The stadium main arena and facilities had become decrepit and decayed because they had not been maintained.


A few months later, Mr. Ipaye returns to the stadium to document the current state of the pricey sports arena, Nigeria’s biggest and most expensive. Again, he finds the stadium still abandoned but apparently undergoing some renovation and rehabilitation allegedly by construction giant Julius Berger. However, the cost of rehabilitation remains a mystery. Still the arena remains in a state of disrepair and dysfunction.


Kwara state commissioner of police shot dead.

Tragedy struck in Enugu yesterday when the kwara state commissioner of Police Mr Chinwike Asadu was shot dead by unknown gunmen.

His police orderly, Aloha Olaniyi and Driver, Oliver Omeh, who were with him at the time of the incident sustained serious bullet wounds  and are said to be lying critically at the National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu.

The incident occurred at Amorji Nike, near the densely populated Abakpa  Nike area in Enugu East local government area within the state capital at about 10 pm.

The Police Commissioner, who reportedly visited his home in Enugu at the weekend, was driving into his private residence when the assailants who  may have laid an ambush around his residence attacked him and his aides about 100 metres away from his house.
CP Asadu, according to sources, had a visitor whom he escorted along with his driver and a police orderly posted to guard his residence from Abakpa Police Division, leaving behind the official escort team that came with him from Kwara State Police Command.

They were returning to the house after dropping the visitor when they suddenly noticed a bus trailing them behind as they branched into his street only for the gunmen to start firing at the vehicle from the rear.

The gunmen were said to have shot sporadically killing the CP and wounding the two policemen but before they escaped, they reportedly took away the rifle of the orderly whose body was riddled with bullets.
The world's longest tongue Own By A Girl 
Record-breaker ... Chanel Tapper
THIS woman's record is a bit of a mouthful — she's got the longest tongue in the world.
Chanel Tapper, 21, — who has a whopping 9.7cm tongue — has been officially certified by Guinness as having the world's longest licker..

Chanel, from Houston, US, shot to fame aged 13 when she was spotted sticking out her monster tongue in a YouTube video.
In September Guinness invited Chanel to Los Angeles where they measured her tongue and she narrowly beat two other female contenders to the record.

Incredible ... Chanel has the world's longest tongue
Student Chanel said she loves her record-breaking tongue.
She said: “I have always been silly and goofy. I love sticking my tongue out at people
“I started doing that back in school. I’ve never had a problem with having a long tongue, it’s just fun.”
Chanel now has set her sights set on Hollywood after finishing her studies.

She said: “I’d love to be in a movie. I’m certainly pretty dramatic, so I think I could have the acting gift.
“Really, I’d love to meet Adam Sandler, he’s my favourite.

Denrele Edun Almost Shot Dead In Lagos 

Shocking tweets from Denreles twitter handle suggest that him and his family have just been robbed about four hours ago at his family house in yaba. See the tweets below. However no one was shot.


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