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D’Prince Drops Goody Bag’s Video

                                                  Goody Bag’s Video


See The Top 10 BILLIONAIRES That Dropped Out Of School

Our parents encourage us to finish schooling so we could have a better life in the future. This has been the pattern of heritage being passed on from generation to generation. There is no doubt that studying would help everyone to fight illiteracy, and achieve the kind of life that everyone dreams. However, according to history, there are people who never finished any degree, and even skipped classes just because they have other things that they want to pursue in life. Who would have thought that these people would one day exceed not just comfortable life, but would even be part of the top 10 school dropout billionaires in the world? Get to know the path, struggles, and success that they trudged in order to reach the state of being known, popular, and enjoying the abundance of life.

 10. Puthan Neduvakkatt Chenthamaraksha Menon
He is commonly known as PNC Menon who founded the Sobha Developers Limited, where he also serves as Chairman Emeritus. He holds the fifth position as the richest Indian who is a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council that has a total asset of $1.25 billion. His mindset is a natural heritage that he acquired from his father who was also a businessman. Despite that he lost his father at an early age, and dropped from his college course at Sree Kerala Varma College, he sustained himself by putting an interior decoration business. He is one of the trending topics in the business world now after he expressed his desire to donate to charity, half of his wealth, but it’s innate to him to be involved in philanthropic works, and he has been donating to different charity institutions for years.

9. Subhash Chandra


This 62-year old media mogul in India has a total net worth of $2.9 billion. He got that title when he launched the channel Zee TV in 1992 that became the private news channel later on. He received various award in the entrepreneurship, and has been consistent in Forbes list of richest people in the world. He ceased to attend school when he was 12 years old, but at age 19, he was already in rice trading, and even managed his own vegetable oils. He experienced all the hardships and toils in life since he also grew up in a small village in India. In fact, his family had incurred huge amount of debts that put him to a situation that he had to drop from his college course and started working. After he moved to Mumbai, he established a business related to packaging unit making laminated tubes, which in turn became the world’s largest producer of tubes, which is popularly known today as Essel Propack.

8. Shahid Balwa


He is another billionaire from India who is included in the top 10 youngest billionaires in the world today. He dropped out from college and chose to run the hotel business of his family. His family moved to Mumbai where they established a restaurant business. This is also where the hotel business of family begun. Shahid natural passion in business opened a wonderful partnership with Vinod Goenka from the DB Realty and DB Etisalat a known telecom outfit. From that time forward, the fortune of his earnings increased in the field of real estate, which placed him to one of self-made billionaires in the world.

7. Vinod Goenka
\He is the partner of Shahid Balwa in the DB Realty, who is also included in this list of dropout billionaires. He became known in the real estate development, where he gets the abundance of his life, and the luxuries that he enjoys along with his family and kids. He is from Mumbai, but he chose to stop attending school and instead help his father in the small construction company that he owns. Through his efforts, this small company did expand and it has grown into a Dynamic Group that also handles dairy business. His partnership with Balwa’s Realty did boost their family’s business.

  6. Gautam Adani

This is the 16th richest 50-year old billionaire from India and rank number 437 in Forbes list of Billionaires. He owns the Adani Group that focuses in coal trading, power generation, coal mining, gas distribution, oil & gas exploration, and multi-modal logistics. He has seven siblings, and the turn of events in his life took place when his family moved to Gujarat in order to find better livelihood. Within the short span of time, his father’s business has grown, but Gautam Adani moved to Mumbai, where he played his luck by opening an innings, where he humbly worked as a diamond sorter, then two years after he founded a diamond brokerage business with a trading set-up. In just a year, he earned a million, and this happened during the 80s. His successful path continued where he had other sorts of opportunities to expand and acquire businesses.

 5. Michael Dell


Known to be the CEO and the very name behind Dell computers and laptops all over the world, Michael Dell has been named as the 41st richest person in the world. He even has a net worth of over $1.9 billion. Even before the days when the Dell name was famous in the computing world, he had already been selling upgrade kits being used for computers in his college days at the University of Texas in Austin, even though he is taking a pre-medical course. For someone taking up medical courses, he was even able to bag a deal of being a licensed vendor of computers, even if he did not have his own computer store. In May 1984, the Dell Computer Store was well on its way, making hundreds of thousands of dollars with PC upgrades, components, accessories, and more, with his schooling ended up hanging due to his business success.

4. Lawrence Ellison

Larry Ellison is the co-founder and current CEO of the worldwide enterprise software producer and networking solutions provider, Oracle Corporation. To date, he is the third richest man in the world, having a net worth of over $41 billion, already including his stocks ownership of the company. He lived a life of sorrow, being given away by his real mother to his aunt and uncle for adoption, when he was only nine months old, being sick with pneumonia. When he was in college, he was not able to finish his second year due to his adoptive mother’s death, not taking up his final exams during the said school year. During one summer after that event, he was able to attend the University of Chicago where he encountered computer design and began from there, focusing on his career instead of his education.

3. Steve Jobs

A celebrated innovator and genius, taking the name of Apple Inc to its prime state, Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs took the computer age in a revolution that became a benchmark of its many competitors where technologies like graphical user interfaces, the mouse, and even smartphones have been a staple in the computer world. He also became the co-founder of the famous animation studios, Pixar. It was during in his leadership in Apple that the names iMac, iPod, iPhone, the iPad, iTunes, The App Store, and even Apple Retail Stores came into light, all coming from his visionary ideals of pioneering a generation that changed the face of computing and mobile interaction forever. When he entered Reed College in Oregon, his parents Paul and Clara could not afford such expensive education. He decided to drop school due to such costs and he lived a life that depended on returning coke bottles for money, and eating free food in a temple. But who could even imagine that such a brilliant mind took toll of such challenges in life?

 2. Mark Zuckerberg

The name of Mark Zuckerberg is now associated with the world-famous social networking site, Facebook, although there are five of them that first discovered the site in Harvard. He is actually the current CEO and chairman of Facebook Inc, and his personal net worth of over $9.4 billion. Being excited with the results of his programming in creating the Harvard-exclusive social network called, he dropped out of class in his quest to perfect the existing codes, and develop the mainframe of the other program into a system that is exclusively his, with Facebook.

1. Bill Gates
Just like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates is also a student at Harvard University that decided to drop out of school in his desire to creating a company of his own, together with Paul Allen, knowing that their success was on the way with the successful release of the MITS Altair 8800, while working at Honeywell. The implementation of MITS only indicated that with the partnership in place, they could create their own systems and face the market with new offerings in mind. This was the time when Microsoft was created, with the promise of changing the face of computing for good. Due to his business, he was consistently named as one of the richest people in the world, even being the wealthiest for so many years since 1995.

UK To Honour Winston Churchill With New Banknote

Mr. Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Britain is set to honour Winston Churchill, its revered war-time prime minister, with a banknote featuring his portrait and the famous declaration: “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat”.
Mervyn King, the outgoing governor of the Bank of England, announced the plan on Friday after travelling to Churchill’s home Chartwell in Kent, southern England, to present the design to his family.
Churchill’s image will appear on a new £5 note to be issued in 2016.
“Sir Winston Churchill was a truly great British leader, orator and writer. Above that, he remains a hero of the entire free world,” King, who is to be replaced in July by Canadian Mark Carney, told members of the Churchill family.
But the Bank of England said that while the plan was for Churchill to feature on the £5 note, that decision had not been finalised.
The blue-green design sets Churchill, who as prime minister led the country to victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two, against the backdrop of Westminster and the Nobel Prize medal which he won for literature in 1953.
Churchill, no stranger to the British currency after his face was emblazoned on a five shilling piece in the 1960s, joins the ranks of Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens who have all adorned banknotes in the past.
Queen Elizabeth II always appears on one side of each of Britain’s four denominations of bank notes, while famous Britons take their turn for 10- to 20-year stints on the overleaf.
This will be the third change of bank note announced under King, who has been in the job for 10 years.
The governor brought fellow economist Adam Smith onto the £20 note and the inventors of the steam engine to the £50 note.
The “blood, toil, tears and sweat” quotation, one of the most famous from Churchill’s huge repertoire and taken from his first speech as prime minister in 1940, will be inscribed beneath a portrait photograph taken in 1941.
The current batch of notes features prison reformer Elizabeth Fry, naturalist Charles Darwin, economist Smith and Matthew Boulton and James Watt, inventors of the steam engine.
Banknotes have had historical figures on them for about 40 years, but Churchill will be only the second prime minister after the Duke of Wellington to feature on a note and one of only a few individuals from the 20th century. [AlJazeera]

Alligator Crashes Golf Tournament

It isn’t everyday that a giant alligator walks into the middle of a professional sporting event and makes himself at home, but that’s what happened yesterday.
Spectators and marshals were startled when the animal, estimated to be about 12 feet long, marched onto the side of the 12th fairway and started taking in the action, or possibly just sunning himself.
He then made his way through a sand trap and returned to the water.
The animal, who is missing his right front leg, is apparently a regular visitor to the course – and is nicknamed ‘Tripod’ by locals and staff.

alligator_golf_3 alligator_golf_2 alligator_golf_1 alligator_golf_6 

4 Nigerian Teenagers Get Life In Prison For Gang-Killing In London

 The case of a very sad murder that took place months ago at Victoria Station in London is now over with 4 Nigerian teenagers sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Sofyen Belamouadden.
According to the The Daily Mail UK, a 15 year old boy was hacked to death by a twenty man gang in London. All members of the Gang have been arrested and charged.
Sofyen Belamouadden had his life cut short at Victoria station in central London when he was chased and killed by the gang over youths.
Twenty teenagers were charged in connection with the attack, but three were cleared. Fifteen others have already been jailed for a total of 129 years.
Obi Nwokeh, 20, Christopher Omoregrie and Samson Odegbune, both 19, were given life sentences for murder last April with minimum terms of 18 years.
Victoria Osoteku, 20, the only female to be charged, was jailed for 12 years for manslaughter, along with three other youths.
This evil Oseteku was seen on CCTV kicking Sofyen in the head as he lay dying on the ground after the 12-second attack and also helped with buying the knives that were used in the fatal assault.
Sofyen was stabbed nine times in the body and suffered wounds to his heart, a lung and major blood vessels.
The victim had dreamed of playing football for England and his death has left his family devastated.
The attack was the horrific end of a minor confrontation the day before in the fast-food area of Victoria mainline station between pupils from the two schools, in which a youth received a bloodied nose.
Messages were sent by phone and on Facebook arranging the clash.
Sofyen died after being chased by about 20 pupils across the Terminus Way concourse and into the Underground station.
A youth led the charge with a Samurai sword. Others were armed with a flick knife and a Swiss army knife, machetes and screwdrivers.
Sofyen fell down the stairs into the ticket hall and was attacked on the ground by a smaller group.

Share Female student expelled from Bowen university for having Oral s*x

A female Bowen student (names withheld) was expelled from the University yesterday for allegedly having Oral s-x with a male student.

Reliable sources say that the picture of the act was stolen from the male student’s phone by his friends who then started to spread the picture all over the school.

As usual, it spread like wildfire and unfortunately reached the desk of the vice chancellor who then took action. 

9/11 Plane’s Landing Gear Found In Lower Manhattan, Says NYPD


Part of the landing gear believed to be from one of the airplanes that hit the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 was discovered between two buildings in lower Manhattan Friday, police said.
The landing gear was discovered “wedged between the rear of 51 Park Place and the rear of the building behind it, 50 Murray Street,” according to a statement from the NYPD.
From the AP:
The twisted metal part has cables and levers on it and is about 3 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep. It includes a clearly visible Boeing Co. identification number, New York Police Department spokesman Paul Browne said Friday.
“The odds of this being wedged between there is amazing,” Browne said, adding it was not surprising that it went undiscovered for more than a decade given the location. “It had to have fallen just the right way to make it into that space.”
Browne said other World Trade Center wreckage had been discovered nearby, possibly even at the same buildings, in years past.
Police detectives and National Transportation Safety Board investigators will determine whether the equipment is from the American Airlines plane or the United Airlines plane that slammed into the twin towers on Sept. 11, 2001, destroying the towers and killing thousands of people.
The piece of equipment was discovered Wednesday by surveyors inspecting the lower Manhattan site of a planned Islamic community center, at 51 Park Place, on behalf of the building’s owner, police said. The inspector was on the roof and noticed the debris and then called 911. Police secured the scene, documenting it with photos.
The spot where the landing gear was found is about three blocks from ground zero. When plans for the mosque and community center were first announced several years ago, a furor erupted. Opponents protested that putting a Muslim facility near ground zero showed disrespect. Supporters cited freedom of religion and said it wasn’t too close to where Islamic extremists attacked on Sept. 11.
In a statement, Sharif El-Gamal, the president of Soho Properties, which owns 51 Park Place, said workers called the city and the police as soon as they discovered the landing gear. He said the company is cooperating with the city and the police to make sure the piece of equipment “is removed with care as quickly and effectively as possible.”
The medical examiner’s office will complete a health and safety evaluation to determine whether to sift the soil around the buildings for possible human remains, police said.
Patricia Riley, whose sister Lorraine Riley was killed in the Sept. 11 attacks, said the landing gear discovery was “very strange.”
“Twelve years later we are still finding remnants of the attack on our country,” she said. “… For years to come we’ll continue to find things that we didn’t see before. Hopefully they’ll serve as a reminder that we have to stay vigilant.”
Outside the Islamic center building, known as Park51, a police officer stood next to the door on Friday and a police barricade was set up to contain the many journalists who had gathered to try to see the piece of the plane.
The landing gear could not be seen from the sidewalk so commuters rushed by and looked quizzically at the gathering.
The Park51 space, a former Burlington Coat factory, is a five-story, mildly rundown building. The piece of plane is wedged in an alley space between that building and 50 Murray St., which is a luxury loft rental building.

Awka Auto Crash Kills 12, Injures Dozens


At least 12 persons were killed yesterday in Awka, Anambra State capital, when a tanker carrying palm kernel oil lost its brakes and rammed into a Bus Park just at the foot of the pedestrian cross at the popular UNIZIK junction in the town.
Several people who sustained various degrees of injuries were rushed to various hospitals in Awka for treatment.
Men of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, the Nigerian Army, the Police and other good spirited people volunteered their vehicles for conveying the wounded persons to the hospital.
Eyewitnesses said the tanker, which was coming from the Enugu end of the Enugu –Onitsha expressway lost control as it was descending the UNIZIK slope and hit a bus loaded with passengers. It then dragged the same bus into the busy motor park, where seven other buses were damaged.
Drivers, motor park operators and recharge card sellers were said to be among the victims of the accident; some lost their lives, while others sustained injuries.
The tanker somersaulted several times, hitting other vehicles as its body cut into pieces and its contents spilled along the road and in the motor park.
Sympathizers at the scene of the accident yesterday advised the government to relocate the various motor parks which have their loading bays beside the expressway to avoid such accidents in future.

See India’s Unique Airplane Temple That Fuels Devotees’ Traveling Dreams


It’s not unusual at Indian temples for devotees to make huge offerings of money and food in exchange for their prayers to answered. But the case of this particular Sikh temple in Punjab is quite strange, even for Indian standards. The narrow, dusty alleyway leading up to the Sant Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara in Punjab’s Doaba region, near the city of Jalandhar, is lined with a host of shops selling toy aircrafts of various sizes and colors. Although they sell like hot cakes, they are not meant to be travel souvenirs, but offerings to the temple. At the Sant Baba Nihal Singh Gurudwara, devotees make toy plane offerings in the hopes that their dreams of traveling abroad and starting a new life will come true.
It’s hard to say how the trend started. But the offering of the toy plane is quite befitting, since the thing most people pray for at this temple is to settle down in another country. According to one local shopkeeper, “Surely it must have been someone’s wish to go abroad coming true that must have started it all. It’s now become a tradition. For us it’s business.” So the sight of scores of devotees flocking at the century-old gurudwara gates, holding colorful toy planes might be a strange one to you but quite normal to the locals. They line up patiently, waiting for their turn to access the inner sanctum on the first floor, where several decorative model planes are placed in neat rows.
The devotees place their rainbow-colored offerings in the demarcated enclosure, paying their obeisance to the Gurus of the Sikh tradition and to Baba Nihal Singh, a simple farmer of the nearby Doaba region after whom the gurudwara was named. After the offering is made, they then proceed to ask for their wish to be granted – to be sent abroad as soon as possible.
The gurudwara is most famous among Punjabi youths, who are anxious to immigrate to places like the UK, United States, and Canada, and believe that a prayer can help them significantly speed up their visa and other procedures. Satwinder Singh, a 21-year-old college graduate from a nearby village, says, “I have just put in my application for a visa to go to the UK and am here to ensure my passage by making an offering of an aeroplane.” Surinder Kaur, another devotee, says, “My son was trying hard to go to Canada but was denied a visa. A friend suggested we offer the replica of an aeroplane at the gurdwara and it worked and he is now in Toronto.” So popular has this temple become that it is referred to as the “Hawai Jahaz Gurudwara” (Airplane temple).
Several hundreds of airplane models are offered here and the temple often runs out of space to house them all. The shrine management has now come up with the solution of distributing the toys to children. “At least the children can play with them. We cannot stop people from offering them. In the end what matters is the faith with which you pray,”says head priest Bhai Manjit Singh.
Considering this high-tech service that the people of Punjab have access to, it isn’t surprising that every single family in the Doaba region has at least one member living in one of the highly coveted lands abroad. No wonder this temple is believed to possess a power even greater than that of  immigration officials.

Michael Jackson's Ghost Haunts Childhood Home

La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson's elder sister is convinced that her brother's spirit is haunting his childhood home.
The 56-year-old believes Jacko’s spirit is looking over his children Prince, Paris and Blanket — who live there with his mum Katherine.
According to her, the late pop legend can be heard tap dancing in the mansion in Encino, California.
The former Celebrity apprentice star said: “You don’t see anything but you feel a presence.”
La Toya has also been using a psychic to speak to her brother, who died of an overdose in 2009 aged 50. She said: “If Michael wants to tell me something, I want to know.”

9 JAMB Candidates Die In Accident


No fewer than nine candidates going to sit for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examinations today were feared dead in an auto crash on the Aba-Port Harcourt Expressway.
The Public Relations Officer of the Abia State Police Command, Mr Geoffrey Ogbonna, said seven persons, including the driver died instantly while two others died later in hospital. The police did not identify the victims.
The police image maker said that the candidates were travelling on a Hiace bus with registration number Rivers XY 249 from Port Harcourt to Aba.
Ogbonna said that the driver of the bus rammed into a truck with with registration number Lagos XC 109 SLK, parked off the road.
He said that the accident occurred at Obeaku-Ihie in the Ugwunagbor Local Government Area of Abia at about 10.40 a.m.
Ogbonna said that the dead had been deposited at the mortuary while six survivors of the accident were in critical condition and receiving medical attention in a hospital Aba.
He said that the 15 seater-bus, was conveying mainly people, going to sit for the JAMB examination, slated for 27 April.
According to him, the clue comes from the items recovered at the scene of the accident.
A witness, Mr Peter Okolo, attributed the accident to over-speeding and recklessness on the part of the driver.
He said that the driver lost control of the vehicle when he wanted to overtake a vehicle in front of him.
“When he saw an upcoming vehicle while he was over-taking the car in front of him, he veered off the road and then rammed into the truck parked off the road,” Okolo said.

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Doing The Puff Puff Brymo Smoking A Joint.


This photo of Brymo smoking cannabis in one hand and typing on his blackberry with the other hit the net a couple of days ago. However, it isn’t a big scandal because it was the “Ara” singer who released the photo himself.

This isn’t anything new for a musical sensation of his class. It’s common knowledge how grueling studio session could be, lasting for almost the whole day. Different folks, different strokes is what people say, so this is probably Brymo’s way of easing his mind and getting a little tension and pressure off his shoulders.
On the other hand, he (Brymo) should set a good example for his young fans to follow, after all there are better and more healthy ways to relax than smoking weed. But who are we to judge? Do your thing, brother, but just make sure you don’t get caught up with the law.
The Chocolate City star posted the photo on Instagram, tagging it ‘It’s alright’. Few minutes later while we were all still trying to understand what was alright, he posted another  photo, this time making it clearer for us to understand. ‘Actually, I smoke a lot‘, he wrote as he posted a picture of a huge chunk of cannabis.

Men In Suits Look Successful But They Work For People Like Me” Peter Okoye

This gist as being going viral online now for hour now, PETER Okoye of P-Square twitted this about few hours ago?  “Men In Suits Look Successful But They Work For People Like Me” – Peter Okoye. what this dude means that he did not want to marry biko..  go ask 2face

Our story as Plantashun Boiz – Faze


Annie used to sit under the tree to cry for 2face’s love …
After a failed album, Originality, he took a long break from the music scene, only to re-surface with Re-Fazed, an album which opens a new side to the dreadlocks wearing Faze. But this time, the dreads are gone- here comes the ‘new born’ Faze. Read on.
What have you been working on?
I’m working on my new album titled Re-Fazed. It  contains a number of tracks with the videos already shot. We are putting finishing touches to the album, and I have already started the album promotion, shot videos and granting radio interviews. A lot of things have been going on.  I’ve changed my management, a lot of things have been re-Fazed.
What’s ‘Re-Fazed’ all about?
It’s about me and everything around me. Basically, everything that has to do with my music has changed. It’s not like I’m not the same Faze but my music has changed because the environment is changing. My dreadlocks have been shaved. The kind of music I do right now is that which people have to dance to, and  my management has changed too.
Why did you change your management?
I feel it’s better for me to be doing most of my stuff. I’m a very funny person. I like getting involved in my own project.
How many tracks are contained in your new album?
It has 17  tracks in all. I  have songs like Good Wife, Nkem and some new ones we’ve just done.

Who’s the producer?
I worked with new people because I don’t always like old hands. When I meet new hands, I try my best  working  with them because I believe challenging them will get me challenged too. I worked with a guy called Pig Mixed, Rhyno, Kelly among others.
What about doing collaborations?
I’ll do collabos but not now. It will be after releasing the album.
 After dropping the last single, Originality, you went off the stage, what happened?
I didn’t go off the stage. I only took my time to do some research because when I dropped my last single and it didn’t fly the way I expected, I quickly carried out a research. That’s why every artiste is scared to release singles because of  the fear that fans may not like it. If you see an artiste daring to bring out an album, it means he has confidence in himself because releasing an album is the greatest fear of any artiste.
We are not scared and that’s why we do the best we can, we experiment our performances with people and they tell us what they think about us. That’s why it’s not good to ask your friends to judge your music because they’ll always tell you it’s good. They don’t want to offend you. But when critics descend our music, you don’t need to be told to buckle up.
When is the album dropping?
It’s out already but the problem is that people don’t know it has been released. What we are doing at the moment is to include other songs in the album and then, plan a proper launch. That’s where I had a problem with my former managers. I don’t want to talk about it now. I’m working with a new team and we are trying our best to do something new with it. I’m trying to re-package the album and make noise with it. I’m also trying to organize a concert starting from next month. It’s going to be a U.S tour.
Are you saying that your former manager was not good?
No, it’s not like that. We had an agreement that we should go our different ways because I felt the way I used to run my business is different from the way they are used to doing it. We can’t work together because my style of doing things is different from theirs.
What was the reaction you got from fans after you cut your dreadlocks?
I was scared which was normal because I didn’t know what fans would say. People have always loved and known me with my dreadlocks. But I was surprised because they were impressed. And when they saw me cut my dreads, they actually knew that something new will come out of it. At the end of the day,  it’s the fans’ reaction that will determine whether your songs and looks are good or not. And I got positive reactions which I think is good for me.
Why do you think you had to change your kind of music in order to stage a comeback?
It’s not like it’s changed. There’s a little of me that is contained in my new song because everybody wants to dance. Even if you give birth to a child today, she wants to dance. It’s not everybody that loves mid-tempo songs. So, I had to mix it with dancing songs then, they can go through the album and appreciate others.
Taking you back, what was growing up like?
My parents were never poor. They cared of me and my siblings very well and that’s why I’m trying to do same very soon. I attended Nazareth Primary school and Festac Grammar School. I did ATS 1 & 2 in Ilaro and later had my degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies. Then  I went into music.
Why didn’t you practice what you studied?  
Black Face told me some time ago that if I knew I wanted to do music, I had to leave every other thing and face it. It did work out for me. God has a calling for everyone, and I think music is my calling.
Plantashun Boiz

Plantashun Boiz
What do you mean by ‘leaving everything’?
That is  I had to relocate from where I was living because we weren’t living together at that time. I went to live with 2face and Blackface to enable us form the Plantashun Boiz. Even there was a movie I featured in, titled Alero’s Symphony. I insisted that I would be coming to location from my home but the producers disagreed with me because they wanted me to get used to the environment. So, I was on location for about three months and that was what delayed my album.
You have a degree, 2face doesn’t, and I don’t think Black Face does…
No, Black Face has a degree. What Black Face just told me was that if I wanted to cope with Plantashun Boiz, I should forget about this because I don’t like talking about the past. As young boys, in the Plantashun Boiz,  we were always back up to each other. If 2face wasn’t singing, I could take his part because we have similar voices. And Black Face raps and sings at the same time.
So, two heads are better then one. Then, as the baby of Plantashun Boiz, I listened to whatever Black Face said, and I never see anything wrong with that because it worked out for me. Who knows, if I wasn’t part of the group, I might be struggling with other groups to come up today. I attempted it and it worked but if I tried and it didn’t work out, maybe I would have done something else.
How do you feel today that 2face is a superstar as well as yourself, but Black Face is yet to hit the mark?
Black Face is also going to be big. Everybody seems to be supporting him financially, and it takes a lot for people to believe in you. Black Face wrote almost all the songs we had in our first album, so, he has potentials. He has management challenges and people that believe in him. We must be frank, we have some junk music in the industry but they sell because they have financial backups to pay for publicity and other things. These days, if you are bringing out an album, it has to be well packaged, it has to generate noise.  I’m working on something with him to make sure he bounces back.
Since you know his problem, why didn’t you…?
He’s going to be big. Everybody has his time
But don’t you think it’s getting too late?
Nothing is too late. He just needs a single and I’m working with him on his album because he was involved in my career. I remember when I wanted to go for a singing competition. I was young and scared of the unexpected because there were so many ladies there that could sing well.  I didn’t want to involve myself because I noticed judges were usually partial when it comes to ladies.
It was a live performance but Black Face encouraged me to go ahead.  He accompanied me to the competition and I won at the end of the day.  So, it’s the same spirit that I’m trying to give back to him.  Whenever, we sit and write songs together, he writes in a different dimension. I think the only thing he needs to do is take his time and not to be in a hurry.

It appears you are more passionate about Black Face than 2face? 
No, it’s not like that. 2Face is already big and Black Face will still grow. Most of the times when he’s down, I sit with him because I know his kind of person. He has talent and he has his fans. What is left is for him to give his fans the right music to listen to and enjoy. 


He made me grow, and I don’t want to say I don’t care about anybody but I’m a kind of person that I don’t forget my benefactors. Sometimes, God directs me to give to people and I do it because I know there’s blessing behind it. It was Black Face who made me join Plantashun Boiz and that’s why I’m known today.
So why didn’t you speak with 2face  to lend him a support?
What he needs isn’t financial support. We are working together to bring out the right songs.
What’s 2face doing about it?
I’m sure both of them meet to discuss on their own, you know they are from the same area. I can only speak for myself that whatever I do for Black Face, I’m not helping myself, he’s helping me. I’m still going to do one or two songs with 2face in future. But I’m doing everything to make sure things work out well for Black Face. We are all looking for money to take care of our responsibilities. The highest we can do is work together and make more money. Black Face has been helpful to me even financially so, it’s on both sides.
Why were you and Black Face absent at Tuface’s Dubai wedding?
I was in Dubai but got to the venue very late.  I had other functions I was attending to. People saw me because we were together at the club. Black Face has his own reason he didn’t make it.
But you are his friend and you should know better
He must have his reasons.
Maybe, he didn’t have money for the ticket…?
It’s not about the money because tickets don’t cost that much. He must have his own reasons. Tuface had his reasons he didn’t invite him too. After all, when Black Face did his wedding, none of us was there.
Now, that 2face and Black Face are married, what are you waiting for?
I’ll do that very soon.
I thought you said you had a girl you were dating for years and you’d get married to?
I’ve never dated any girl for years in my whole life. Besides, I don’t have to date anybody for years before knowing who she is. That’s why I wrote a song called Good Wife. I know the qualities of a good wife, and it’s only  God that can show you who a good wife is because you know most of  our young  ladies pretend only to change after the wedding. I know my wife. It’s not that I’m perfect.


Meaning that someone is in your life…
Yes, I don’t play with that. But what if I want to marry her but she isn’t ready for it? Both of us have our lives to live but what matters is that we love each other. I didn’t say I have another girl. She’s a wife to be by God’s grace. It’s not that my mum has to approve her. It’s just for her to pray because God determines everything we do in life. I do things at my own time and make sure that person is ready to do it too.
So when is your time?
I won’t say anything now but it’ll happen at the right time.
How come you and Black Face are reserved with girls but 2face isn’t?
Tuface is also a cool headed person. The girls who got pregnant for him knew what to do to avoid pregnancy but they didn’t. That means they wanted the babies.
They wanted him to marry them?
It’s all about choice when he decided to marry Annie. I’ve known Annie for years and I think she’s perfect for him. There were times she would sit under the tree, crying and asking me if 2face really loved her. Even when 2face was  dating  Annie, Black Face and I were equally dating  two of Annie’s friends. But we didn’t marry those girls but 2face and Annie eventually got married. That’s life for you.
How do you cope with girls?
It’s not easy. They come, want to get very intimate and ready to do anything. Some of them already have boyfriends, and some are even married but I know the rules. So, what I do is to invite them to my shows and they see me. Some of them just wants their parents to see me. There was a girl that her mother always calls me and prays for me over the phone. So, considering all the prayers I get from mostly elderly people, I don’t think any evil can happen to me in this life.
So since you are still single…
No, I’m not single. I have a fiancee and I’m marrying her by God’s grace.
How does your fiancee cope at your shows?
No she can’t go to my shows because it’s not right. I’m not a public person and I can never take my wife to-be to my events. And that’s why I can’t marry an entertainment person because we can’t be doing the same thing.
Maybe, you don’t want her to get jealous
She can’t get jealous because she’s a matured person. I don’t go out with kids and I can’t date a girl that’s not intelligent because it’s going to affect my career, and even our kids will be dull. I like a lady who can help organize my life.

New release: May D - So Many Tinz [Official Video]

May D - So Many Tinz [Official Video] new

Video Description: Mista May D drops brand new video – SO MANY TINZ brought to you by, Confam Entertainment, directed by Mr. Moe Musa. This time, the confam sure boy May D comes from a different angle. SO MANY TINZ music video reveals in a beautiful story line the extent to which a man in love can go as the title implies; giving you an even clearer picture of the Award winning movie – Django Unchained. There are really so many things.

Stella Damasus blasts bloggers: Talk about marriage, birthday and more

Stella Damasus speaks on her recent marriage  yesterday and shared more photos from her birthday party.See her blog post below…
I have been trending for the past two days now. Day one was about people wishing me well and praying for me on my birthday. Day two is now filled with gossip, scandals and all sorts, but that is as far as the so called journalists and bloggers are concerned. As far as I am concerned I had a blast on my birthday and I will not allow other human beings steal my joy regardless.
I choose to enjoy my life because I know I deserve it. Nobody went through my own trying times with me and I did not go through any with others.
When God decides to bless me, turn my mourning to dancing, turn my tears to laughter and turn my anger to happiness, no man on earth can change it or spoil it.
Truth is, I laughed when I saw some of the blogs and websites quoting and saying things they know absolutely nothing about. Writing things they have heard without concrete evidence, ghosts that cannot show their faces and ask direct questions. But they believe and think that they can wake up one day and decide people’s fate and destiny. Unfortunately they are made to feel important because people hate to read  positive things and achievements, but give them juicy gossip and all of a sudden you become the most popular writer who has gist on everybody.
I realized that when I write blogs and articles about important information, encouragement, education and positive things, only twenty percent out of a hundred actually read it and leave comments. The other eighty percent jump at the gossip and scandals and then start to ask me stupid questions. These are people who have not communicated with me in ages but all of a sudden they feel the need to profess undying friendship and a listening ear. The fact that they believe I have the time or energy to respond to the most trivial issues baffles me.
Let me repeat myself in case some of these people missed it. “I really do not care what you say or write, the truth is who God has blessed no man can curse” , and if you believe that trying to turn a wonderful birthday  into a global gossip game will make me feel bad then I am so sorry this Stella is not as stupid as you think”
For those who want to really see pictures to satisfy their curiosity, please enjoy.



Worshiper Gives Used Condom As Offering In Church ( SACRILEGE )

“Offering time, blessing time!” So goes the chorus from members of the congregation whenever it’s time to give offering in most churches.


To most Christians, the offering time is, indeed, a time of immense financial blessing. But recently, the offering time turned into a moment of hot curses in a Lagos church when an already used condom, dripping with semen, was discovered inside the offering box after the Sunday service.
It was like a weird dream, according to the former Chairman, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Ogba Zone, Prophet Tobi Okonkwo, who witnessed the incident. The cleric said he couldn’t believe his eyes when a discarded condom, with stains, was discovered in an envelope in the offertory box of his former church.
When Pope Paul VI warned on June 29, 1972 that the smoke of Satan had entered the church, not many Christians took the warning seriously.
With this recent incident, Okonkwo admitted that the agents of darkness had infiltrated the churches in large numbers and now occupy high-ranking positions in the gathering of God’s children, where they wreak untold havoc on the unwary flock.
Okonkwo, who is also the General Overseer of Living Word Prayer Assembly, Agege, Lagos, wept over man’s ingratitude to God during a recent monthly thanksgiving programme of the church, tagged Manna from Heaven.
Although the service was a joyful moment where the shepherd distributes food items and other gifts to his flock, his startling revelation brought a hush of silence on the congregation.
His words pierced the hearts of the worshippers, as he explained how man had become ungrateful to divine benevolence. His several instances of the atrocities committed in hallowed places pointed to the fact that messengers from hell now walked about freely in hallowed places. “It is really bad.
It has got to a point where some people come to the church to mock God. They are anti-Christ but they still go to church. You could imagine how somebody came to the church and decided to give a used condom in an envelope to God.
You can see how wicked man has become,” he said. Okonkwo said the giver of the abominable gift refused to confess his crime, even when the entire church rained curses profusely on whosoever was responsible.
He said, “A curse was laid on the person. Even before the people laid the curse, God had already seen the abomination committed in his house by someone, who pretended he came to the church to worship God.”
The former PFN leader warned other members of the church of the reality of the anti-Christ, whose reign would usher ungodliness in the world. He lamented that prosperity message has taken over the pulpit at the neglect of the gospel of repentance, which had enslaved many hearts in pleasure and love of the world.
According to him, most Christians hunger for sermons that promise easy wealth, while rejecting teachings that encourage chastity, discipline, endurance and faithfulness.
“The style of the anti-Christ is to mock Jesus. Many Christians today are crucifying Christ a second time. It’s really sad and unfortunate,” he said. The cleric decried the approval of same s*x marriage by different countries, describing the constitutional recognition accorded to such couples as an indication of the reign of anti-Christ in the world.
Rather than milk his members dry, Okonkwo said he introduced a programme, Manna from Heaven, to feed the flock of Christ with the little he could afford. He said the programme involved sharing of bags of rice, noodles and other foodstuff on equal measures to all the members to inculcate in them the love for sharing and concern for their suffering neighbour.
Okonkwo also berated some pastors who, according to him, start Christian ministries and involve themselves in dubious things all in a bid to acquire wealth and fame. He said such ones worship money as their god. “For them to get money, they end up preaching prosperity.
Salvation messages are not often on their lips. The church is not supposed to be a business but most people have turned it into a business.
It is quite unfortunate,” he said. Aside the sacrileges committed in churches, Okonkwo, who had earlier predicted the emergence of Jonathan as President during the ailing days of late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, also frowned at the various scandals rocking political offices and other sectors of the economy.
He said most Nigerians have lost the sense of sanity, citing the many cases of corruption in the country. According to him, no day passes without the disclosure of one fresh set of financial scandal or the other.
He lamented that the financial blood of the country was being drained by some thieving elite with no interest of the masses at heart. Although Okonkwo foreclosed the chances of possible disintegration of the country, he warned corrupt leaders to repent or face the wrath of heaven.
According to him, only selfless leaders would bring the nation back fro
m the brink of monumental crisis and repair the ruins caused by corruption and bad leadership in the country.

MEET The hottest Babes In Town –– SUGAR GIRLS


Wow! They look hot! 'Sugar Girls' is a new female music group that is made up of three ladies who believe they are hot and sexy –– Ololade Facus [aka Redblaze], Bukola Ojo [aka Sassy] and Sefiya Ibrahim [aka Slimz]. These babes say they are ready to take over the Nigerian music industry with their hotness.

See more hot photos of the Sugar Girls below...

Kim Kardashian shows off underwear in see-through dress: Wardrobe Malfunction

What is really wardrobe malfunction? Sometimes these acts are stunts carried out by celebrities intentionally. Kim is under the wardrobe malfunction spotlight for wearing a see-through dress that flashes her thong.
Kim K stepped out in NYC with boyfriend Kanye West on April 24. She had on a short frock that seemed determined to display her assets to the world.

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