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Abraham Lincoln Impersonators Gather At Convention In Ohio

Bunch of Abes

John Cooper’s obsession with being Abraham Lincoln began one score and five years ago. Its beginnings were humble.
Tall, lean and bearded, the Ohio man already bore a passing resemblance to the Rail Splitter, or so he was told. One Halloween he donned a frock coat he found in his mother’s attic, and his wife fashioned a stovepipe hat out of cardboard. A little spray paint on his beard, and he was ready for trick or treat with the kids.
He was so convincing that before long he was invited to come to schools in costume around Presidents Day. Then people started paying him to show up at their events in character to talk about the 16th president.
The rest is history.
But honestly, this is a huge weekend for the 62-year-old Cooper, who is helping to host a gathering of impersonators of the Great Emancipator in Columbus.
The 19th annual convention of the Association of Lincoln Presenters has attracted around three dozen Abes in chin beards and full regalia, along with 30 or so Mary Todd Lincolns and various other Civil War-era figures, including Gen. Ulysses S. Grant.
“I tell people I think we hold this convention just so we can run around in our costumes all weekend,” says Cooper, a retired Defense Department parts manager.
In Columbus, the Lincoln impersonators will walk where he walked – and where he lay in state after he was assassinated in 1865. Lincoln gave speeches at the Ohio Statehouse in 1859 and 1861, and his casket rested in the building’s rotunda for six hours on its way from Washington back to Illinois for burial. More than 50,000 stood in line to pay their respects.
On Friday morning, Jerry Payn, a Lincoln from Wooster, Ohio, stepped to the podium in the Ohio House chamber and delivered word-for-word the speech given by Lincoln in the same room just before his inauguration in 1861.
Payn, a 74-year-old retired junior high school science teacher, has been playing Lincoln since 1999 and does as many as 100 gigs a year. He says the key to being a great Lincoln is gaining in-depth knowledge of his life, speeches and writings.
“When I first started, I’m ashamed to say I was one of the dumbest guys there ever was about Abraham Lincoln,” says Payn, whose wife, Marilyn, has become a Mary Todd Lincoln impersonator. “At this point I can talk about anything about his whole life.”
The Lincolns have a certain spring in their step this year thanks to a wave of attention brought by the Steven Spielberg movie “Lincoln,” which earned an Oscar for Daniel Day-Lewis for his portrayal of Honest Abe. Some of the impersonators say the excitement has led to more work for them. They can fetch several hundred dollars and up for appearances.
On Friday night, all the Lincolns planned to go to a high school in suburban Columbus to see a student production of “Our American Cousin,” the play Lincoln was watching when he was shot at Ford’s Theater in Washington on April 15, 1865.
Organizers said the crack of a snare drum would mark the exact moment in the show when the shot was fired, and a student portraying Lincoln’s wife would add a scream for dramatic effect.
One of the Abe impersonators in town for the convention, Robert Broski, 60, who lives near Los Angeles, looked so much like Lincoln even without the whiskers that he was persuaded to portray him in an independent film about five years ago.
“I grew the beard, and I looked in the mirror and I said, `Oh, my gosh, this is my destiny. This is who I am!’” says Broski, who works at a Home Depot. He has parlayed that into a couple of Lincoln gigs a month, including appearances in a few gags on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.
The Lincolns all seem to agree that one doesn’t really have to be blessed – or cursed, some might say – with a great physical resemblance to the president.
The Abes in Columbus range from well under 6 feet tall to Lincoln’s actual height of 6-foot-4. Some are barrel-chested, some slight. There are gray beards and black beards, and one beardless Lincoln. The costumes vary greatly in extravagance.
“We’re presenters. We’re not impersonators, necessarily,” Broski says. “You don’t have to look like Mr. Lincoln. But if you take a beard, a top hat and a frock coat and put it on, people instantly know who you are. What’s important is getting across his character, his honesty, his integrity.”

Young superstar Davido aka Omo Baba Olowo just signed Orezi to HKN.

 Young superstar Davido aka Omo Baba Olowo just signed Orezi to HKN.

Negotiations have been going on for few weeks now and the deal was signed this afternoon at Davido’s house in Lekki, Lagos.

Davido tweeted “Bout to close this deal with my new artist!!! Congrats its a gehn gehn sumtin!”

While Orezi later tweeted “About to make a big career decision!! Change is the only constant thing in lyf.. Lord see me tru”

A source close to Orezi tells us that the act had to release his “What Is The Need” video to finish is deal with former label Culbreed.

Davido was one of the Guest artiste at Orezi’s birthday party, the party which also had Praiz, B-Red and other act all coming out for the birthday but
the strange closeness between them was something the crowd at the party noted.

See what life has toned to, Thieves Disguised As Banana, Lobster Accused Of Stealing $1,000 Sculpture


Police at the University of North Carolina are trying to find a pair of thieves who stole a $1,000 sculpture while dressed as a lobster and a banana, WSOC-TV reported.
And they’re appealing to the public for help in hopes of finding the costumed criminals and two plain-clothed accomplices.
The banana break-in and lobster larceny happened at the UNC student union between March 31 and April 1 and resulted in the removal of a wooden sculpture worth $1,000.
Surveillance footage shows the crime took place around 3 a.m. when four men, including the guys in banana and lobster suits entered through an unlocked door, the Daily Tarheel reported.
Scott Hudson, senior associate director of operations at the UNC Student Union, told the paper no charges will be filed if the sculpture is returned unharmed.
But Randy Young of UNC Public Safety disagrees.
“We’re looking at this as a criminal incident. There’s larceny that was involved as well,” Young told “We’re not ruling out the possibility of criminal charges, but we’ll be working with the student union to determine that.”

CONFUSION: Are These Elbows Or What? Facebook Can’t Tell

The people who police Facebook are looking like b**bs after confusing a woman’s elbows for her bosoms.
The photo, which shows a blonde woman in a bathtub with her elbows on the side, was actually part of an experiment by a Tumblr blog called Theories of the Deep Understanding of Things, which wanted to see just how observant the social media’s “chest police” were, according to

Turns out, not very.
The image, which shows no indecency, was removed by the social networking site within 24 hours of posting.
The group told Mediaite: “FB moderators can’t tell an elbow from a dangerous, filthy, uncanny and violent female chest.” They added, “No questions were asked and the post is down. Imagine our surprise.”
Once the site editors revealed their titillating plot, Facebook officials nipped the ban in the bud, allowing the photo of the bosom-like elbows back on the site, telling HuffPost UK: “This photo does not violate our content standards and we have already restored the photo. We made a mistake removing the picture and apologised to the page admin.”
Most of the Facebook moderation is done by workers in Morocco and other developing countries who are paid $1 an hour by an outsourcing company called oDesk, the Daily Mail reported.
Moderators are reportedly told to delete all forms of s*xual activity, even simulated activity where there was nothing explicit on show, but deep wounds, excessive blood and “crushed heads, limbs etc.” are allowed — “as long as no insides are showing,” the paper reported.

Crazy Art! These Artworks Are Painted in The Artist’s Own Blood

Dr Rev Mayers is an Australian tattoo artist with a passion for creating crimson artworks using nothing but blood. Using a variety of art techniques, he paints incredibly detailed yet somewhat creepy works of art.
Some artist would probably call Dr. Rev crazy for using his own blood on all of his paintings, but so far his disregard for the norm has proven very successful, as his works have been exhibited all around the world. The Sydney-based tattoo artist uses airbrushing, standard paint brushing, scraping, smudging and layering to create his realistic masterpieces that aim to depict growth, human constraint while capturing the viewer’s heart and soul. In time, he has managed to progress naturally from tattooing and doing body art, to his new found passion, blood painting.
His ability to expand and push all boundaries of the art world, have earned Dr. Rev a great number of fans from all around the world. He isn’t the only artist in the world using blood as the main medium, but his artworks are indeed the finest I’ve ever seen created with plasma.
Dr Rev’s story can be found in his new book “Dr Rev – A man with blood on his hands”, which you can find on his official site,, where you can also request your own custom blood painting.

Foluke Daramola Has Done It Again!

Foluke Daramola Has Done It Again! 
The above statement was the first words that came out of the mouth of Mr Kayode Salako when I was taken to the venue of the surprised birthday party that was organised for him by actress Foluke Daramola, the lady who made him dump his wife and three children and doesn’t want to look back.
Mr Kayode said she keeps surprising him. See more photos from the birthday below….

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This video will bring tears to the eyes of many Nigerians home and abroad.
Documentary Featurette about the culture of greed and corruption in Nigeria articulated through the Fuel Subsidy Scam of 2011.
A film by Ishaya Bako supported by the Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA).

MUST WATCH VIDEO Documentary On Poverty And Corruption In Nigeria

May D Shares Intimate Moment With His 2-Month-Old Son

 Promising singer, May D recently showed off his baby who is less than three months old. May D is telling those who care to know that he is a good and caring father.

Cute baby

Behind The Scene Photos From D’Prince’s Goody Bag Video Shoot

Goody Bag video is in the works. D’prince is not wasting anytime at all in putting out a video for one of the hits from his album, Frenzy.

Check out some pictures from the video shoot:


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8 Habits to Have For Longer Life

Life is short and we can’t change that but we can make sure that we do our best not to make it any shorter than it should be. Here are a few habits to imbibe for a healthier and longer life.

1, Sleep
A recent study of people aged 100 years or more, found that they got 8 or more hours of sleep a night. Sleep is very important to help our bodies restore the damage done to us during the day. Try to get as much as possible, even if your life is hectic. It’ll make a lot of difference.
2, Don’t Worry, Be Happy

People who keep a positive attitude are less stressed overall and better equipped to deal with problems. They also have lower blood pressure than negative people.
A study found that optimistic people had a 50% lower risk of early death than pessimistic people. Become an optimist today. It just might save your life.

3, s*x
People who have s*x more often are happier, less stressed, and get better rest, all of which lead to a longer life. Also, studies have shown that for men, frequent ejaculation leads to lower prostate cancer risk.

4, Stop Smoking
Of course, it is better if you never start smoking in the first place, but if you are a smoker, it isn’t too late to stop! If you stop smoking, your body can still repair itself and increase your life expectancy. So stop as soon as possible and give yourself the best chance!
5, Exercise
Exercise is helpful for extending life in many ways. Exercise strengthens bones, helps maintain weight, improves heart health and releases endorphins, which are good for a happier mood, lowering stress levels, and keeping diseases away
6, Lose Weight

If you’re overweight, it’s time to shed some of those kilos. Extra weight can put you at risk for many life shortening diseases, such as heart disease and type two diabetes. To lose weight, combine a healthy diet and exercise.
7, Laugh

Laughing releases stress relieving endorphins and lowers the bad chemicals, adrenalin and cortisol. It can also cause the body to produce more of its natural defensive cells, antibodies. Have a good laugh today !

8, Stimulate Your Brain
Keeping your brain learning and active helps it to build itself as you age, instead of deteriorating. So to keep your brain active, try learning a new skill, reading often or starting a new hobby.

famous Nollywood Actor Odunlade Adekola, Officially posted a photo of his new baby girl

Ace Nollywood actor and Glo ambassador, Odunlade Adekola, has officially posted a picture of his new baby girl . The wife, we gathered, was delivered of a baby girl in the wee hour of this morning.

Arguably one of the highest paid actors in Yoruba sector of the Nigerian film industry, Odun, has already been blessed with two boys.

The star actor has also had his share of romantic scandals since gaining fame some years ago. He has been rumoured to have had flings with celebrated female actresses in the industry. Interestingly, not too many people know that the Abeokuta, Ogun State-based actor is married with kids

Nwankwo Kanu (Papillo) having breakfast with peeps!

Kanu recently added to his circles of friends on Google plus! Here are the pictures post on his page this morning.

Am having breakfast with my guys, Benjani Nwaruwari, Harry and my brother Ogbonna.

Kanu said Eating healthy is the secret!

All Of Wizkids Awards In His Trophy Case 

The young superstar posted the photo on his personal instagram page ( and humbly captioned it: “Thankful!”

Here is a Comment from a reader onEverywhereNigeria
Lagos Boy said:

Police To Add Ferrari Sports Car To Patrol Fleet in Dubai


Dubai police isn’t stopping on the Lamborghini Aventador recently acquired as another luxury sports car, Ferrari, will be added to the Dubai Police patrol fleet this week.

Dubai Police Chief, Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim on Monday said Dubai is a unique city and everything in it should reflect its uniqueness and for that reason police will add a Ferrari sports car to its patrol fleet.

Lt Gen Dahi added that the exclusive vehicle, the price of which exceeds Dh2 million (about N86m), will enter service by the end of this week to confirm Dubai as magnificent and extravagant in all the services it provides.

He said Dubai Police is one of the few police forces in the world which has such cars in its security patrol service.
According to him, police received an amazing reaction from the public when the Lamborghini police cars hit the roads in Downtown Dubai so they decided to add the Ferrari to their fleet as well. “These sports cars will not be roaring and chasing speeding motorists,” he explained.

“They will be used for roads security in different areas of Dubai,” he said.
Just last week, police added the Lamborghini police patrols to its fleet. The new cars will be used to keep order on the streets in high-end areas like Burj Khalifa, Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard and Jumeirah Beach Residence.

Another sports car has become part of the Dubai Police fleet as they have deployed Chevy Camaro sports cars on the emirate’s highways. Police said the Ferrari sports cars will be on the roads soon.
“Dubai Police are working on updating the police patrol cars to enhance security on the roads in accordance with highest international standards and technical developments,” said Lt Gen Dahi.

New Video Gets 22 Million Hits In One Day from Korean Singer’s

The world apparently loves some Psy — so much so that the South Korean singer’s new video could be headed for record-shattering statistics.


Gentleman,” the follow-up to last year’s “Gangnam Style” phenomenon, racked up an unbelievable 22 million YouTube hits within the first 24 hours of its debut over this past weekend. As a means of comparison, Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” video collected more than 5 million during its first day online in May 2012. That means, at least in the eyes of YouTube, that Psy is officially more popular than Justin Bieber. The “Gentleman” video now has almost 58.5 million views.
Psy is no stranger to topping YouTube records, as “Gangnam Style” is currently the most-watched video of all time on the site with 1.53 billion hits. Once again, Psy has edged our Bieber, whose “Baby” video is the second most-watched with a comparatively distant 849 million clicks.
Psy doesn’t seem to care that much about his viral potential though, as he recently said at a concert in Seoul that he’s unconcerned with peoples’ appetites for his music.
“I’ve been doing this for 12 years. Would it be fair to call me a one-hit wonder just because my next song falls flat? I gained international fame almost by accident, but that does not mean that I will make desperate efforts to maintain that global popularity,” said the singer, according to Digital Spy. “I will just continue to do what I have been doing for all these years. If it satisfies people’s appetite, it will. If not, it won’t.”

A Man Wraps Himself in Plastic Bag to Protect Religious Purity Aboard Plane on him

A photo of an Ultra Orthodox Jewish man wrapped in a life-size plastic bag aboard an airplane recently went viral on news-sharing site Reddit, sparking an intense debate concerning his motives.


At first it was believed that the man had donned the bizarre see-through garb to distance himself from women, as some Ultra-Orthodox Jews obey strict rules of gender segregation in public. Now, however, it is believed the man dressed entirely in black and wearing a Jewish skullcap or “kippah” may belong to the Kohen sect of Judaism, whose members believe they are descended from the priests of ancient Israel and cannot come in close contact with the dead in order to protect their higher-than-average kedushah (holiness). Apparently, the strict religious code prohibits visiting cemeteries except for the funerals of close relatives, and even flying over burial grounds.
However, the Haaretz newspaper reports that Rabbi Yosef Shalom Eliashiv, leader of the Lithuanian Haredi community in Israel, has recently ”found a solution to this issue, ruling that wrapping oneself in thick plastic bags while the plane crossed over the cemetery is permissible”, which would explain the man’s bizarre protective travel gear.
Strict adherents to the Kohen code of conduct fear they will become contaminated should their plane fly over one of the many cemeteries near ben Gurion airport in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, so they wrap themselves hermetically in plastic. Confronted with a growing number of bag-wearing passengers, Israeli airline El Al introduced a policy that states ”flight safety considerations do not allow for passengers to board while covered in plastic bags” and has in turn gone to great lengths to take specific flight paths that avoid cemeteries, and let passengers know in advance if a dead body will be aboard in the cargo hold. Obviously the ability to breath properly inside a sealed bag has raised serious concerns, but punching the tiniest ventilation hole would nullify the spiritual protection it offers. ”
Only if when the Kohein is putting on this bag it accidentally rips can there be some leniency,” a commentator in the Jewish newspaper Yated Ne’eman wrote. ”Kohanim have a duty to protect their taharah, purity. They have been bestowed with extra kedushah… At times, there may be extra demands made upon them in order to maintain that standard of kedushah and taharah.”

A Message to the Destination Of All Suicide Bombers Is Hell – Sheik Gumi

Hell is the destination of all suicide bombers, fearless cleric Sheik Ahmad Mahmud Gumi warned today in a sermon Sahara Reporters monitored in New York City

He pointed out that while young men commit suicide, they ought to reflect that those leaders who send them to their deaths do not commit suicide or send their children to die in the same way.
Gumi who has been critical of the Boko Haram sect, said in the sermon: “The prophet – Salawatullahi alaihi- is a mercy for mankind. He said the way to Paradise is easy for those that follow his path. He said: “everybody in my Ummah is going to enter the paradise except he who refuses. They said (the companions): oh messenger of Allah, who will refuse? He said: whoever obeys me enter the paradise and whoever disobeys me he has indeed re…fused” Al-Bukhari.”
In an important sermon that has implications for violent Islamic sects that use suicide bombing as a key tool, Gumi offered the message that those that agree to use themselves as bombs do more than die in vain.
“Despite this ease of entering Paradise, those that commit suicide for whatever reason have guaranteed for themselves the Hell Fire forever,” he said.
He called on the faithful to be aware that nobody should deceive them to take their own lives, saying that real Jihad is fought to either win or get martyrdom.
“The shahada is gotten when killed by enemy action,” he said. “Allah said: ‘Let those Fight In the cause of Allah who sell the life of This world for the Hereafter to Him who fighteth In the cause of Allah,- whether He is slain or gets victory – soon shall we give Him a reward of great (value). ” Q4/74.May Allah continue to guide us all to the straight path.”
Continuing, Sheik Gumi quoted Anas: “If not for my hearing the prophet – alaihis Salam- saying: Do not wish for death I would wish for it” Al-Bukhari. People are forbidden to wish for death talks less of committing suicide. Islam is a practicable religion. We are required to do what we can do and leave the rest to the Al-Mighty. “So fear Allah As much As ye can; listen and obey and spend In charity for the benefit of your own soul and those saved from the covetousness of their own souls,- They are the ones that achieve prosperity.” Q64/16.
“Whoever therefore will be taken by fanaticism or sickness or depression to kill himself, he has condemned himself to eternity in the Hell fire, May Allah Save us from it. Muslim narrated from Abu Huraira who said: the messenger of Allah said: “whoever will kill himself with an iron, then he would be tormented with his iron in his hand injuring his belly continuously in Hell Fire forever. And whoever will drink poison and then kill himself, he will continue sipping the poison in the Hell fire forever. And whoever fall from a rock then kills himself, He will continue falling in the Hell fire forever”.
He stressed that whoever will explode himself with explosives for whatever reason or disguise will also continue to be in his explosion in hellfire forever, stressing that this is what the hadith teaches. Suicides, he warned, are tormented by the same means they employ to kill themselves.
“Today we see young men killing themselves with explosives in the name of Jihad yet they never reflect that those ‘leaders’ that send them to such adventure never commit suicide nor send their children to commit it.”

Why We Want To Start Killing Muslims Now - MEND Speaks

There is fire on the mountain top and its fallout may be spreading pretty soon. Just Yesterday, the MEND [Militant Niger Delta] Threatens To Bomb Mosques & Assasinate Imams, Now this is the Reason why they've made such Decision.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) has threatened to launch violent attacks on mosques, hajj camps, Islamic institutions, large congregations of Islamic followers, as well as assassinations of Islamic clerics who propagate doctrines of hate.

According to MEND in a statement issued on Sunday evening and signed by its spokesperson Jomo bomo, the proposed attacks is a crusade to:

Save Christianity in Nigeria from annihilation through what it called “Operation Barbarossa”.

According to militant group, "On behalf of the hapless Christian population in Nigeria, MEND will from Friday, May 31, 2013, embark on a crusade to save Christianity in Nigeria from annihilation. The bombings of mosques, hajj camps, Islamic institutions, large congregations in Islamic events and assassinations of clerics that propagate doctrines of hate, will form the core mission of this crusade code named “Operation Barbarossa”.

"This campaign will not in any way interfere with the ongoing “Hurricane Exodus” – which on Saturday, April 13, 2013, at about 01:00 Hrs, swept through the Ewellesuo community, Nembe, Bayelsa State, leaving the destruction of well 62, belonging to Shell Petroleum in its wake. We may only consider a ceasefire of 'Operation Barbarossa' if the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the Catholic Church and Henry Okah, one of the few leaders in the Niger Delta region we respect for his integrity, intervenes.

Also the assurance for a cessation of hostilities targeted at Christians in their places of worship, made privately or publicly by the real Boko Haram leadership will make us call off this crusade."

I Fell Off My Mum's Back And I'm Scared My Man Could Die on Me

Please I need your help. I'm 27 and a graduate. I broke up with my boyfriend of 3 months a few weeks back because he picks on any thing I do and reads different meanings to it. Two weeks ago, a guy I dated in 2006 when I was a virgin came back. Then we were more like friends but now he wants marriage. The Ex I broke up with also wants me back. I got the shock of my life when my family gathered to tell me I have a sacrifice I need to do becasue my mum confessed that I fell off her back. Now I have done the atonement and thank God it wasn't diabolical. My problem is that I am scared to bring any of these guys home because I don't want any of them to die. I have cried and cried cos I don't know why this is happening now. As for my mum, we aint in good terms anymore for keeping this all these years. Pls guys, what do you think I should do?

this are the members of Boko Haram, Buhari Is Boko Haram’s Major Sponsor – Presidency

One of the boko haram executive, The Presidency has described former Head of State and presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change, Maj.-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd.), as the major sponsor of the dreaded Islamic sect, Boko Haram and a leading protagonist of violence.


It said that apart from his ambition to rule the country again, Buhari had refused to contribute meaningfully to actions capable of ending insecurity in the country. Buhari, a National Leader of the CPC, had, on the Hausa service of the British Broadcasting Corporation on Monday, said that the Federal Government should be blamed for the lingering security challenges in the country.
According to Punch Newspaper, Buhari also flayed the Goodluck Jonathan administration for what he called “poor handling of insurgency” that had led to the death of many Nigerians and destruction of properties.
While reacting to this, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, said it was unfortunate that such a statement could emanate from Buhari. Describing Buhari as a man he respects so much, Okupe added that he had no option but to reply to his accusations against the Federal Government and the President.
He reminded Nigerians that Buhari had previously been credited with a statement that he would make the country ungovernable if the last presidential election did not favour him. Okupe said, “Everybody in this country knows that it was Buhari who vowed that if he did not win the election, he would make the country ungovernable for this President Goodluck Jonathan. It was this same Buhari who said during the electioneering period that if the votes were counted and he lost, people should go for blood.
He is not in any position to apportion blame on the issue of violence in the North or in Nigeria in general. He is a protagonist of violence. The only solution he sees to his not being President is to call for violence. This government has tried to contain some of the repercussions of the unguarded statements made by Buhari and I don’t think anybody in Nigeria will take him seriously on this allegation.”
The presidential aide added that if there were those to be blamed for the insecurity in the country, the name of Buhari should top the list. Okupe wondered why the Katsina State-born general had refused to visit states like Borno and Yobe despite the fact that he hails from the northern part of the country.
He said, “As a former Head of State, have you ever seen him (Buhari) visiting Borno or Yobe States? Have you ever seen him show sympathy to people, either Christians or Muslims that have been killed during these attacks by Boko Haram? Have you see him as a leader, a man who traversed the entire length and breadth of the North especially to canvass for votes seeking an end to the violence? Why is it that he cannot use that same clout that he has to get leaders together and say we must put an end to this carnage? He finds it comfortable to shift the blame to other people.
What has he done as a leader, who is from that region to help Nigeria and the North out of this unfortunate development? Nigerians should ask him, as a former Head of State and stakeholder in the Nigeria project and a man who wants to be President again, if he would want Nigeria to be destroyed up to a point before he can try to wade in? It does not work that way.”
Okupe said that as a leader, Buhari should stop apportioning blame, but should do something crucial to bring the carnage in the country under control.
He reminded the former military ruler that during the crisis in Niger Delta, leaders from the region went into the creeks and discussed with the militants to lay down their arms. “Has Buhari done that? When Christians were killed, he kept quiet, when mosques were bombed, he did not say anything. He doesn’t have any other interest in Nigeria but his inordinate ambition to rule,” he added.
In his reaction, Buhari said there was no way he could be involved in the discussion on how to end the carnage since he was not part of the problem. Buhari, who spoke through the National Publicity Secretary of the CPC, Mr. Rotimi Fashakin, also said it was apparent that those responsible for the crisis in the Niger Delta were the ones that volunteered to end it.
He said, “When the Niger Delta militancy reached a crescendo, some notable people from that region went into the creeks as he (Okupe) alleged. The question is: ‘Who were the people who started the Niger Delta imbroglio ab initio?’ If the people that initiated and executed a problem decided to resolve it, what can anyone do about it? This is totally different from the Boko Haram palaver.”

A woman that Slept With his Hubbyz Driver, Now I'm Suffering!!

 Several years ago, when I was searching for a child, I had an affair with my husband’s driver.
He didn’t want to have anything to do with me but I blackmailed him into doing it by threatening him that I would lie against him that he came into my bedroom unannounced and uninvited to force himself on me.
It took me almost six months to get him to finally agree to my proposal; as a matter of fact, I forced him the day my husband travelled out of town. He actually cried after he slept with me. Having done it once, it was easy for me to force him subsequently. That affair led to a pregnancy I passed on to my husband. I was happy because through him I became a mother. For that, I will ever be grateful to him but when the child was born, I engineered the sacking of the driver to cover the identity of the child. I didn’t want him suspecting the paternity of the child.
At that point, I was beyond caring about the kind of lie I told; what mattered then was getting him sacked. So I lied to my husband that he stole my jewellery and money I forget inside the car. I said this because I knew it was the only way my husband would get rid of him. Even though deep down it was painful, I had to do it to protect my child from eventual ridicule hence developed the strength to confront him. Beyond protesting his innocence, he told me especially that something would happen later in life to warrant my coming back to beg him for forgiveness.I dismissed him and went about my normal life.
After the birth of my first child and son, the others came in quick succession. I didn’t have to sleep with another man to have them. Deep down I owe my stay in my husband’s house to my first son. Apart from being brilliant, he was the favourite of his father. He graduated at a very early age of 20, finished serving at 21 and was already a member of the board of his father company when things suddenly changed.
It all started one morning when he refused to come out of his room the day he was meant to represent his father at an important meeting with a minister in whose ministry they were pursuing a contract. His father had to attend the meeting, which was a good thing because by afternoon, he was already manifesting severe signs of mental disability.
Since then there is no hospital we haven’t taken him to, including the Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba. There he was on admission for almost a month. All the drugs given him only made him worse until we had no choice but to take him away to a church on the counsel of my elder sister. We eventually ended up in a white garment church where I was told to produce his father if he is to be cured.
According to them, only his father’s prayer would heal him of his strange illness. Needless to say, my marriage is hanging in the balance but that is the least of my problem. Through the help of our former driver’s friend my husband knew, we were able to trace him to his village where he now resides with his family. After explaining the reason we came to him, he laughed and told us to go back the way we came because he will never forgive me for denying him of his son. He said my son is the only male child he has.
He said he won’t do what we want until I agree to sleep with him again as well as compensate him for the lies I told against him. I don’t want anything to happen to my son, please help me.

B Red Ft. Davido - Insane Girl [Official Video]

Check Out B_Red's debut music video Insane Girl featuring Davido.... De Ark Entertainment for Life!!!!

Wizkid’s Girlfriend Steps Up Her Game


In a relationship with hip-hop crooner, Ayo Balogun a.k.a Wizkid, she has earned a spot on the social scene ever since they made their first public appearance together last February.
Last weekend, they walked in hand-in-hand into the venue of Omawumi’s concert and and not a few people stretched their necks in her direction just to catch a glimpse of her.

Van That Plunged Into The Lagos Lagoon Is Retrived..

Four persons are reportedly dead as a Hilux truck plunges into Majidun river in Ikorodu area of Lagos.
The vehicle with registration number KS918AU which belongs to the Ikoyi  Golf Club in Lagos  was driven by the Golf Club manager, Kolawole Ahmed, who was heading home after closing from work around 5:00 am Nigerian time.
Emergency officials said no survivor was found in the vehicle saying search and rescue efforts will continue.

Kenny Ogungbe’s Response On Why He Didn’t Attend 2face Idibia’s wedding

Even though we all thought 2face and Kenny Ogungbe’s music label, Kennis Music, parted ways amicably back in 2004, it might not be as we thought.


When asked by an Encomium reporter why he didn’t attend 2face Idibia’s Dubai wedding, Mr Ogungbe replied:
“I don’t think it is something you should ask me. Go and ask 2face why Primetime and Kennis Music were not in attendance. I am too old to start joining issues with people”

Plane Carrying Over 130 Misses Runway, Lands In Sea

plane in the sea

An Indonesian plane carrying over 130 passengers missed the runway at Bali airport Saturday and landed in the sea, leaving dozens injured but no fatalities.
The Boeing 737-800 operated by budget airline Lion Air, a rapidly expanding carrier which recently sealed blockbuster orders for hundreds of new planes but is banned from US and European airspace over safety concerns broke into two as it landed in the sea.
Passengers screamed in terror as the plane missed the runway at the popular resort island’s Denpasar airport, a strange occurrence, as the weather was okay and visibility good.
The plane came to rest partially submerged in the water not far from the end of the runway, with inflatable slides deployed from the front exits and a gaping crack in the fuselage towards the rear.
“The plane was about to land when suddenly it fell into the sea. People on board panicked and began screaming,” said a passenger named Dewi, with light head injuries.
“There were 45 passengers who needed hospital treatment after being injured, but I cannot say whether their injuries were light or serious,” said an airport spokeswoman.
Transport ministry official Herry Bhakti initially said the plane overshot the runway, but later clarified his comments to say it landed straight in the water.
Officials said they were still trying to determine why the plane missed the runway.
A Lion Air spokesman said the aircraft was arriving from the city of Bandung in West Java province with 101 passengers and seven crew members on board. The passengers included 95 adults, five children, and one baby.
He said the aircraft was relatively new, having started operating in 2012, and that the national transportation safety committee “will investigate the cause of the incident”.
“The plane broke into two pieces,” he said, adding that “judging from visual observation, the plane cannot be used any more”.
Bali is a hugely popular holiday destination, welcoming millions of foreign tourists from around the world every year.
Three foreigners were on board the Lion Air flight — a Frenchman, a Singaporean woman and a Singaporean man, according to the airport’s head of communications.

Lagos ACN Shops For 20 'Well Endowed Sexy Models' At N40k Each For Annual Party!

The Lagos state chapter of political party with Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as national leader, Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) is in search of female models described as 'well endowed'.
Sources confirmed the shop list is for the group's upcoming get together. gathered that the political party is looking at a date after the national annual convention slated for April 18 2013.
While the national convention is fixed for
Onikan Lagos- the venue of the state chapter's annual party is yet to be confirmed.
The party national leader- Asiwaju Tinubu is identified as the 'major sponsor' of the party.
The search for 20 models cum ushers with the specification of 'well endowed' for the upcoming ge together is labelled part of 'ingredients of enjoyment' by an insider.
Revelation of the selection process by the recruiting agency- obtained by further confirmed this, the criteria states... 'No audition strictly by appearance'.
And the renumeration spelt out as... 'Pay is 40k wit free costume(Acn ankara shoe n bag)
Players in the modelling world explained 'well endowed', backed with the liner 'strictly by appearance' as, 'those with enhanced busts and bums'.
Further explanation revealed such jobs are common for private parties and special functions, and that it is given that models that show up for such recruitment are prepare to go 'the extra mile' in satisfying clients or their associates. Hence the 'big pay'. confirmed the agency handling the '20 well endowed models' request for the Lagos ACN party is doing the selection inside Omole Estate, Lagos state.

Pastor Adeboye's Private Jet Stirs Serious Controversy - Checkout What People are Saying

Yesterday, We Posted a Post on Pastor Adeboye's Interview with Al-Jazeera about Owning a Private Jets [See it Here if you Missed it].

The interview granted by the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, to Al Jazeera has stirred a heated debate on the social media. Many are in support while others are not happy with him.

“There are things you need, which you must have if you are to be efficient. If you have to oversee churches in 160 nations, you can’t do that on a bicycle,” Pastor Adeboye had told Mohammed Adow of Al Jazeera.
But what is the crux of the matter?

Pastor Adeboye is one of the increasing numbers of Pentecostal pastors in Nigeria that have acquired private jets for themselves. Many Nigerians have criticised these pastors, arguing that they are being insensitive to the poverty among their members.

As would be expected, Pastor Adeboye’s justification for his ownership of a private jet has divided Nigerians on various social networks as some agreed with his opinion while many opposed him.

Onyianyi, a member of a popular online forum, Nairaland, argues that it was wrong for Adeboye to own a private jet when the majority of his members live below the poverty line and wallow in abject poverty.

He says, “I’m not a member of any of these Pentecostal churches but Adeboye is one pastor I respect so much. This time around he got it wrong, there’s no reason for a man of God with millions of impoverished followers to be cruising in a private jet.

“After all, are they more committed in this ministry than Jesus Christ? Our Lord Jesus never used a private boat or a private camel during his time. Yet he could easily command one to his usage. Christ, though very rich, chose to live a poor life so that his message can easily get across to the poor.”

Also commenting on the issue in Punch, a reader, Zoemed, says Pastor Adeboye’s defence was not good enough. Hear him: “I had expected a better defence rather than this ‘I need a plane to do a better job of supervising churches under my ministry’! What are the roles of Subordinate pastors? The Catholic Archdiocese of New York alone could buy many jets for the Pope but they spend most of their money on helping the poor, providing hospital care and welfare for the downtrodden.

“Our Pentecostal churches cannot even build [free] hospitals and affordable schools to supplement the little we have.”

But rising in defence of Pastor Adeboye, another reader, Adeola says the private jet is necessary. In her words: “For a man to visit 160 countries in a year is never a joke. Why shouldn’t he have a jet if his church can provide it? You and I know how ‘sound’ our aviation industry is. For a minister of God who is billed to preach in a particular place with other programmes following to have a flight delay or outright cancellation without prior notification, is a loss that cannot be quantified.

“Holding of crusade is different from political gathering, which many of you understand better. The mandate given to these ministers is urgent, the time is short and it covers the entire world. This is more than that of the President. Leave them alone as they will give account of their stewardship to God.”

Catholics introduced Christianity to the Pentecostals but things have changed. Since our Pentecostal churches are now rich I won't say a pastor should not own a private jet, but the lives of members of these churches must improve. In fact, attending certain Pentecostal churches in Nigeria today should be a ticket to a comfortable life for an average person. The money is there! We can do it!!

Refused To Support My Son — Daddy Showkey

The Ajegunle music star, who will be having his recent first major performance in Abuja at the Tyme Out with Tee-A Live Edition Concert, in an interview with MERCY MICHAEL, opened up on sundry issues: His disappearance from the music scene, career and his son’s, Ramond, music dream. The Delta State-born act also speaks on the Delta flood of October 2012.


You’ve been scarce on the music scene lately. What brings you here today?
As you can see, we artistes are gathered together to deliberate on how we can help the flood victims in Delta State. Like my place Isoko in general is affected. I’m from Delta State. And you see, sometimes we ignore things. If when things become a problem that’s when we start coming together.
But why I’m happy that we are even coming together is the fact that beyond talking we are actually working out modalities on how we can help these displaced people. We as artistes, we need to learn how to use our star power to help the society and that’s what we are doing.
What has been happening to you?
I’ve been going through some things in recent time but I thank God I’ve overcome them. Some people were after my life to kill me. I could not go on stage to perform because of the fear of being shot. But I thank God that God has taken control of that. Who are they and why are they after your life? It’s a long story.
Besides, I’m not a policeman. I can’t pinpoint that this is where it is coming from but investigation is still ongoing. It all started in 2011 when two persons suspected to be hired assassins shot at me twice at close range before escaping on a motorcycle. I was on a queue to buy fuel at the Mobil petrol station along Agindigbi Road, Ikeja, when the incident happened. A guy tapped on the window of my Range Rover SUV. Thinking he was one of my fans, I wound down the glass to attend to him. He told me that I had a flat tyre.
And as soon as I alighted from the car, the young’ man pulled a gun and shot at me twice. He muttered: “No be you be this Daddy Showkey? Immediately his first shot missed me, I quickly grabbed him. As I wrestled him to the ground with the hope of retrieving the gun, a second person who was already poised to escape on his motorcycle released another bullet, this time he aimed at my head. Fortunately, he missed the mark; it was Providence that saved me from the assassins’ bullets.
Sensing that the crowd that had dispersed at the blast of the first gunshot would rally support for me, the two guys quickly scampered away on their motorcycle. Also twice last year, suspected assassins stormed my Ojodu residence. The first time they came, they succeeded in killing a close associate of mine, but their second attempt was repelled by the combined efforts of the local vigilante and men of the Nigeria Police. The matter has since been reported to the police. So, really for a long time now, you can see I’ve not been in circulation but I had to come out for this purpose because it touches me a lot to see people being displaced, stranded and nowhere to lay their heads.
They are poor people and now they are homeless. Some of them that have farms, their farms are gone. Their livelihood is gone. So that’s why we are coming together to see what we can do and that’s why I came out of my shell.
So, all the while that you were missing on the music scene, what were you doing?
Business, but it’s not something I want to talk about.
So, musically, what is the next thing for you?
Just watch and see because right now I cannot tell you that this is what is coming, but just watch and see.
Are you working on any album at the moment?
Yes, right now I’m working on a single, and immediately I’m done with that an album will follow.
Your son, Raymond, 15 years, I learnt, is showing interest in music but that he does not have your support. Why?
You see, first of all, he should concentrate on his education because let me tell you even though you want to became a musician, education is the first thing.
When I was little, I knew what my mother went through to get me to concentrate on my education but I was stubborn; I allowed music to take me away from education. Although I succeeded, but education-wise I know how it has affected me. That is why I made it as a mandate, if you want to do music, first of all concentrate on education because music is a powerful spirit, it might take him away from his education. Entertainment in general is a powerful spirit. Like me, I started entertainment when I was small but I will get my son not to make my mistake.
That is the reason. Do you think your level of education is affecting your career?
I can read and write but sometimes I feel that I should have been in this position or that position. But one thing that people don’t know also about education is that education is life; what you experience every day. I’m more educated than so many people that are graduates. But what I want for my son to understand is that there is time for everything. When I was small, I used to play truancy. I would run out of school and go and do music. My mother would come there to beat me.
I don’t want my son to go through all those things. You see music is a gift. I put it to you that I can decide not to release an album in 10 years, the day I will release one, dem no go tell una now because it is a gift. I did not learn it. Entertainment generally is not what you learn per se; it is a gift. But education is what you learn. So there is time for everything and that’s what I want my son to know. There is time to be a child and there is time to grow up and be a man. And there is time of music and there’s time for education. If I allow him right now he will lose focus. Right now, he sings in church; that, I am okay with but I make sure education is his priority for now and I will guide him to the maximum.
But your wife has been a great support to him. Does she see it differently?
Ehnnnn, my wife has been a great support to me too musically (laughs). She’s the mother of the house; she knows what’s good for everyone but I’ve told her too that she should give her support with wisdom because I know what I want for my son. When the time comes he will do music. I’m not against his dream of becoming a musician but for now education comes first and so he should concentrate hundred percent on education.
Your genre of music has not been growing. What are you doing to sustain the brand?
You see music is about style. Sometimes style changes, so you have to learn to adapt to the way it’s changing. I started music from comedy, entertaining people in my neighbourhood. And my song, when I started, I was trying to differentiate the mainstream reggae music from what I do. I can sing, I can rap but I decided to build something my people can identify with. So I came up with singing in broken English. But to your question, there are people that emulate you; if they cannot meet up with what you are doing they are bound to leave. But Ajegunle music cannot fade away because it’s music from the street.
As a pioneer of Ajegunle music, do you think you have been encouraging artistes who do that style of music enough?
Yes, people look up to me. But truth is I have had my issues too for sometime but I thank God those issues are being taken care of. A lot will be coming out from Ajegunle soon. Don’t worry, just watch out. Are you going to ever cut your dreadlock? Don’t ask me that one. I no fit tire for dis dreadlocks. The dreadlocks is my image and I don’t want to cut it.
You are so big now. What have you been doing to yourself? Na so you be before?
First of all I used to be muscle, but now I have a lot on my head. But before I drop my next album I will work it out. Are you having any collaboration on your forth-coming album? Everything about my forth-coming album I have decided to keep close to my heart. You were among the artistes that campaigned for President Jonathan.
At the last rally in Ojota you said you regretted campaigning for him; how would you balance that?
First of all a president is elected by the people. Sometimes, your decisions might not favour the people but I stand on the side of the people when it comes to that subsidy removal. Sometimes, the problem we have in our country is that when we want to take decision we don’t consider people’s plight. We go ahead and take decision without debating it.
That time they did what was wrong. I have no regret campaigning for Jonathan. I would be honest with you but I have a right to my feeling. If I feel the decision that they are taking is wrong I have the right to come and say it. And that is why I made that statement because if people that elected you into office say they don’t want something, first of all, you consider their feelings then come back and now let them know the reason why it has to be the way you have suggested it.
Trust me, Nigerians will tell you to go ahead, then you will do it. So why would I not say I regretted campaigning for him when the people that elected you have pains in them and you damned them.

Wonderful Triplets Wed On Same Day


Triplets – two guys and a girl, got married same day. Mayowa, Tope and Funmi Ogunsemo (1st, 3rd and 6th in the photo above) married their heartthrobs yesterday April 13th at the Shell Hall of the Muson Centre in Lagos. Their parents must be so proud! Happy married life to them!

Human Parts Dealer Goes Insane

Doose Nomhwange left home one morning, unaware that danger lurked ahead. Her friend of many years lured her to a man who traded in human parts. But fate pulled a fast one on her captor who, on the verge of killing her, became mad. Call it a demonstration of power between the forces of light and darkness in which the former roundly won.


Read the heartrending account of how this middle-aged widow went to hell and came back alive to tell her story.
Unforgettable Day
I had lived in Lagos where I had all my kids. But later, I lost my husband. Some time ago, I went back to Lagos to find what to do to take care of my two sets of twins. I was a full-time housewife when I had my children. I intended going back to school to further my education but my husband, an Ogoni, from Rivers State, stopped me because I was too young, and we agreed that I could go back to school when I finished having my babies. But later, things became tough because my husband was a businessman.
When he died, I had to return to Benue State because I was the firstborn of my parents and I didn’t want to take my children to Rivers State because Benue has more food. So, I returned to Lagos, and that was when I met a man. He owns an oil and gas company (name withheld) and he employed me personally as a marketer, canvassing for people who would buy oil, diesel, fuel and all that.
On this fateful day, I went to see my father who was ill and on admission at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. There was something they needed for my father’s treatment and they didn’t have it in Ibadan. So, they wrote it down for me to buy and I went to Boluke Pharmacy on Awolowo Way in Ikeja. As soon as I walked out from the pharmacy because I lived at Ojodu Berger, I saw Aisha, a lady I had met long ago at the office of my cousin who was a stylist and we became friends.
The lady is from Igbira in Kogi State. She wanted us to talk about a supply contract she had. I suggested that we sat in an eatery on Allen Avenue, but she said there was a new eatery on Toyin Street where we could talk. There was a young man by her side that she introduced to me as her fiancé, adding that they were going to wed in two months’. We jumped into the young man’s car and they assured me that from the eatery, they would take the expressway, drop me and then go back to Ogba. When we got to that place, the man horned and the gate was opened. We saw a lot of cars outside because it was an estate. Inside the house, people sat with their girlfriends, drinking and eating. I didn’t know that they were members of a satanic group. My friend drank beer and after apologizing that she had no money to buy me wine, she gave me water.
Evil chief
At a stage, a man gorgeously dressed in native attire (names withheld), came in and walked to our table. A lot of them got up and greeted him. I also got up and greeted him. After a glance at me, he asked why I was not drinking and he bought Campari for me. He opened the bottle and I took a glass and because nobody was interested, I dropped the bottle in my bag.
After my discussion with the lady, I waited for them to drop me off as earlier agreed but the young man said he wanted to ease himself but never came back. After about 10 minutes, the lady, left in search of her fiancé, leaving her bag behind. After a long wait, I became worried and told the barman that I was leaving. As I walked towards the gate, the gateman shut it.
The chief shows up
When I turned, I saw the gorgeously dressed man walking towards the gate. I thanked him for the entertainment and told I was leaving. The man said: “Do you know who you are talking to? You are an idiot! Common, shut up! Don’t you know I am a chief?” Later, he said in Yoruba: “Omo Oba”, and some young men including two that looked like bouncers came. On his orders, they collected my handset and handbag, and took me upstairs.
So, they took me upstairs and flung me into one room and shut the door. Inside the room, I saw many clothes, bags and more than 1000 SIM cards. About 15 minutes later, the man appeared and ordered me to, “pull off everything and drop it there”, and I obeyed.
By then, I was no longer in full control of my senses. Before he came up, I prayed that if the man had been killing people, I should not be his victim. As a Christian, I understand that there is power in the tongue and I declared, “Right now as I sit here, let the blood of Jesus take over before they think about anything. I worship with Living Faith.
They removed my earrings
About seven boys were at the man’s beck and call. He didn’t touch you; all he did was give orders. He came back as I was still putting on my pants and brassiere and said: “Are you stupid? I said anything that represents a material on your body should be taken away. Why are you still with all these?” So, I removed everything and they took me to the next room and locked me up. Throughout that night, they jubilated and drank. Apparently, due to the glass of Campari that I took, I was very tired and having cried and prayed for long, I became weak, and slept off.
Angels to the rescue
I slept until 3am and that was when I regained consciousness and realized I was in a strange place. I prayed till after 4am and at about 5 am, the man came into the room and asked me, “Are you a witch?” and I said, “No sir.” Then, he said: “What have I done to you that you beat me all night long, and didn’t allow me to sleep?” It was a strange question for me to answer. I begged and told him that I had no strength to fight. He said, “shut up”, and slapped me.
You see, I strongly believe that this incident happened in order for me to believe in the power of God because I didn’t believe in miracles. When people said they received miracles, I just looked at them with disdain. But this time, I became a personal testimony. I begged the man and he started beating me. The way he punched me, if God was not by my side, even if I escaped, I would have died or needed a lot of money to fix my bones. But for each blow he hit me, I felt nothing. Each time he hit, and I shouted, “Jesus”, I felt as if someone had touched an empty carton. Then, he said if I had any prayer, I should pray because he was seriously going to work on me. He said he had worked on so many people by removing their private parts, eyes, tongues and other vital organs.
House of death
He told me that no one came to the house and escaped. Honestly, that house was designed for killing people. If God was not by your side, you can never escape from that house. Most times, the boys were downstairs drinking and smoking.
I socialized with them by asking for cigarette hoping that if I did what they were doing, they would set me free. If I requested for cigarette they would quickly bring cigarette for me. One day, I requested for food and they said in Yoruba that after all, it was my last food. It was rice and meat but I couldn’t eat it.
Day Two
On the second day, the boys argued among themselves in Yoruba and I could pick some meaning. They said: “Ah, kilode? Se this thing wey oga bring no be wahala o. We don tell oga make e leave her, make i go because oga no dey waste time. Anybody wey dem bring come na one day. One day don pass, two days don pass and still we don’t even know what the shrine is saying.” They consult a shrine to know a victim’s worth.
Day Three
On the third day, the man came to me and said: “What kind of hairstyle is this (I had a hairstyle called fishtail)? This hair is the one tormenting you. You are a very nice person. This hair is what is tormenting you. Don’t panic, they will remove this hair style, so that you can be free.”
They called me Samson
I heard them say in Yoruba, “Samson ni o”, that may be, I am Samson in the Bible. They suspected that they couldn’t kill me because I have the same powers as the biblical Samson. They threw a bedcover to me and told me to tie it so that they could take me downstairs.
The house was very large and people lived in the boys’ quarters with their families apparently, without knowing what the man did. Or maybe they knew but were scared? So, they took me downstairs to cut my hairs and as I stepped down, I saw that the gate was opened and then a Mallam pushed in a wheelbarrow with kegs of water. He was their barber but he came with water so that people would think he hawked water. As soon as they came in, some people started emptying the water inside the gutter and thereafter, they returned the gallons to the wheelbarrow and took me near the swimming pool, and I kept praying.
One good thing was that at that point, my faith had risen by 100 per cent and I knew for sure that I was not going to die because the Lord was with me. They made me sit on a chair by the swimming pool and the Mallam cut all my hair and dropped them on the ground. As he dropped the hair, I found out that in the past, some hairs were burnt on that spot. After cutting my hair, he shaved my head with a razor blade.
I don’t understand Hausa but on that day, this Spirit came upon me and I spoke Hausa to the Mallam. I asked him whether that was what the man does to people and he said I should not worry, that the man was a nice man, that he would give me money to go when I am ready to go. I asked why the haircut but before I could get an answer, the evil chief came out of the house and the Mallam quickly shut me up. By this time, more than 12 of the boys had surrounded me, watching as my hair was being cut. Later, they brought a small bowl containing some concoction.
I think they chanted some incantations inside it before the man said: “See, they have cut your hair; you can imagine how beautiful you look. Drink a little of this water, use the remaining to wash your head and go upstairs. I will give you your clothes to wear and then you will go home.” I dipped my hands inside that water and said, “God, because the blood of Jesus Christ supercedes every other blood and that is the only currency that binds everywhere in the world, let this currency in the blood of Jesus Christ buy my life now.” I prayed within my heart.
They ordered me to hurry up and do what they asked me to do. So, I drank a little of the liquid and washed my hair. They brought something like a detergent and said: “Wash your head very well. That is what is tormenting you.” After washing my hair, I sensed that I was about going mad, and they freed me. Maybe they wanted to make me mad. They told me to go upstairs, may be, to know if I could know the way out. I almost missed the way to the staircase because it was as if someone’s fingers were inside my brain.
By this time, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. I shouted: “Jesus! I rebuke this madness in your name because you were never mad, so, I cannot be mad.” I said it loudly and they gave me a slap on my back calling me an idiot and warned me not to mention that name there. Upstairs, they kept another water in the bathroom of the room that I stayed before they moved me to the one was that looked like the master room.
There was a large cupboard where he kept his tools for operating on people. They then asked me to bathe with the water that also had some concoction. As soon as I got into that bathroom praying, the Holy Spirit ministered to me that I should throw away that water. I did so and prayed that the water should flow fast before they come.
This was about 6pm, I thought of what else I could do to convince them that I had had my bath. Then, another voice told me: “Ease yourself inside this container and use your urine to rob your body. In fact, bless that urine to be the blood of Jesus Christ and use it to rub your body and don’t dry up so that it will look as if you took your bath (there was a towel in that bathroom). When they come, they will think you have had your bath.” And because I had not eaten and drank, my urine was very little. But God gave me the grace.
Then I prayed into it and quickly rubbed it on my body and the remaining one, I sprinkled on his picture and everywhere. This time, I prayed and cried. So, before they came I had returned the bowl. The man looked at me, shook his head and left. After about an hour, he came back and said: “Who are you? Are you a witch? Why are you so difficult? And then he made a call. They have doctors. They had everybody.
By this hour, he told me bluntly that he had not killed me through poison because he was going to use my kidney to make more money. He would send my kidney for transplant while my body would be sold. He got angry and immediately called his doctor on the phone. He called one doctor James who now answered and he asked when he was going to come around because it appeared he was not on duty. Then, they fixed an appointment.
Miracle on Day four
On the fourth day, I didn’t know what their shrine said because my prayer was that when they go to that shrine, they should see the blood of Jesus Christ. I was sure they couldn’t consult because on this day, the man stormed that place in anger. He just opened the drawer and removed a shiny knife, showed it to me and said that anywhere the knife touched me, I would not live till the next day.
He was still talking when something strange happened. Suddenly, I saw the man fling off the knife, rolled on the ground, hit his head and ran out of the room. I wondered what must have happened to him. He came back later shouting, “Fire, fire”, increased the air conditioner and jumped into the bathroom, and started bathing. After bathing, he came, stood under the air conditioner, calling those boys but they were scared to come.
He would call, “Omo Oba” and they would answer and he would say, “Where are you? You are just saying sir, sir, without coming.” When they came, he told them to hold me but none of them came closer to me because at that stage, there was tension and they had not seen such a scenario before.
The man screamed and at a point, he held me by the neck demanding that I must quench the fire that was burning him. Then I told him: “Well, the only way that fire must be quenched is to allow me go. If you don’t allow me go, the fire has not yet started.” He said he would not give up, adding that he had never been defeated in his life. He mentioned his names (withheld) and titles to me and told me he would not allow me go because he would die if he did.
By this time, I began to praise God for visiting me and each time I shut my eyes, I saw angels surrounding me. At a point, the man knelt before me and asked: “Which God do you worship?” I told him that, “I worship Jehovah Almighty God, through His only begotten son that He gave for my sake, Jesus.” After this man had confessed, he and his boys ran away.
But I could not leave because the room they kept me had a burglary proof designed in such a way that if it is hooked outside, you can’t open it from within. I prayed, “God, I know that you have given me victory. But you need to do more. Someone needs to open this door for me to go out.” At about 10pm, the young man whom Aisha claimed was her fiancé appeared and opened the door for me. I gathered later that when the man found out that everybody had run out with him, he contacted him because he brought me and Aisha. In deed, the man threatened to kill him if he failed to take me away. So, the young man had no choice but to come and open the door for me.”
Surprisingly, he asked: “What did chief say you have done to him to deserve all these?” He threw his pyjamas to me and said: ‘Wear it; let me take you to the balcony. When people are asleep, I will open the gate for you to go.” At about 10pm, he left and never came back. At about 4am, as I was asleep, I heard a voice say, “Wake up. It is time”, and I jumped up.
I thought of using the pyjamas as a rope to climb down but as I pulled my clothes, I turned to my left and saw a strong pipe. Then I crossed my leg to the wall and holding the pipe, I climbed down the building. The maiguard was still there. Sensing that the maiguard was asleep, I climbed a nearby tree and crossed the fence to the other side, even though the security iron cut me on my stomach. At about 5 am, the gates were opened and I saw cars passing.
I walked to the expressway and stopped a motorcycle but the man looked at me as if I was mad and didn’t stop. I stopped three others but it was the fourth one that pitied me after hearing how I escaped death. He dropped me somewhere and gave me N50 with which I boarded a vehicle to Ojodu Berger. The conductor tried to stop me from boarding the bus, seeing the way I was, but I shoved him aside and with the backing of other passengers, I entered. When I eventually got home, my girlfriend rushed me to St Timothy’s Hospital at Ojodu where I was treated. Even at that, I was ill for months.
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