Friday, 17 May 2013

O.b.O Davido Gives Exclusive Tour Into His Multi-Million Naira Mansion In Lagos

Davido talks about his Tattoo, being an artist and a student at thesame time and showing off his 3 lounge, 5 bedroom mansion in Lagos. Life is good for Davido!

Koko master D'Banj Arrives Durban For MTV Africa All Stars Looking Like A Prophet

Bishop Koko master Indeed! lol.....The super artiste has arrived Durban, South Africa for the MTV Base All Stars Concert which will hold tomorrow Saturday, May 18, 2013 at the Moses Mabhida Stadium, People’s Park in Durban, South Africa.

‘What Happened Between Me and Uche Ogbodo’ – Harrysong Issues Statement

I am forced to speak on the picture of myself and actress Uche Ogbodo being circulated around the web following queries from fans and well wishers. I was going to let it play like any other joke but I was stunned when a fan recently – should I say excited fan – attacked me verbally on a radio station where I dropped by to talk about being a part of 2face’s Campus connect tour.
First, Uche Ogbodo is a very dear friend but we are not dating. She’s more of a sister to me and not a lover. I believe a peck doesn’t necessarily translate to an affair but I could be wrong. Maybe it is not common amongst my colleagues to own up during an affair but I can assure you that we are not an item. In all modesty, Writing hit songs for my colleagues like ‘Limpopo’ by KCee and Omotola Ekeinde, recording my own songs (working on a new single), still promoting my new video for ‘I’m in love’ remix with Olamide as well readying another video possibly for my track with Timaya would be a lot to combine with a relationship, at this point.
So what happened? The picture was taken on my birthday which took place at Elegushi beach late at night hence it was not complimentary (on a lighter note, I am quite a good looking man so is Uche, very good looking lady! that picture didn’t do us justice) We were partying which should explain the circumstance the picture was taken.
Threesomes also don’t happen at parties, a mutual friend watched on as She planted a ‘peck’ (quick kiss) on my lips and we giggled afterwards.
Please see it as the lighthearted activity that it was and nothing more.
My apologies to only fans who found it less pleasing and thank you for all the support.

Why I Acted In The Soft-P*rn Movie 'Dirty Secrets' - Tonto Dikeh

controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh featured in a soft-smut movie called 'Dirty Secret', many tongues wagged. The actress was lambasted by many movie critics, who condemned the film and also Tonto for her role in the film.

In the said movie, Tonto Dikeh interpreted her role like someone, who is well grounded in the act she was acting in the film. She acted the role of a spoilt child, who sleeps with her father and her boyfriend.

Her father, played by Jibola Dabo, was a gynandrous, who also sleeps with his daughter's boyfriend played by Muna Obikwe. At a point in time, they all had a trio. Apart from the storyline, the three major acts played their roles like a smut movie.

But in a recent interview, Tonto revealed why she agreed to act in the film and interpreted it well. The Ikwere, Rivers State-born celebrated actress disclosed that she agreed to play the role because it was a true life story of a girl.

Tonto said she met with the person the storyline talked about. “Actually, that's a true life story,” she revealed. “I met the girl it happened to and that's why I agreed to do the movie,” she added.

Pastor Takes Pictures Of His Wife Privatés Parts, To See If She Had Séx At Churc

 A pastor from Murewa reportedly took pictures of his wife's privaté parts upon her return from church as a way to inspect if she had had séx with another man at church.

The man of God and 'Mai Mufundisi' are currently based in Epworth.

Pastor Philmon Chitewe, who leads an unnamed church in Murewa, is alleged to have used force to take pictures of his wife's vágina out of suspicion that she was having séx with other men behind his back.

As if that was not enough, Pastor Chitewe went on to chuck out Mai Mufundisi Olivia Rukai from their matrimonial house on accusations that she was demanding MORE SÉX and having a séxual relationship with other men.

This was heard at the Harare Civil Court where Olivia had dragged the man of the cloth seeking a protection order against him. She complained that Pastor Chitewe preached what he did not practice and had turned her into a punching bag.

"I am married to him but he is abusing me. It has been hard for me to leave him because I was afraid to tarnish his image since he is a pastor. But he has been failing to live within what he preaches. He accuses me of having an affair with our son. He threatened to take another wife despite the fact that we are legally married. We had our wedding in 1990 under Chapter 5:11," said Mai Mufundisi.

Pastor Chitewe had no kind words or his wife accusing her of bélittling him in béd. He said Olivia told him that he was weak in bed and was failing to satisfy her each time they had séx.

"She said I am not good in béd. She said I was failing to satisfy her in bed each time we have séx. I never chuckéd her out of the house but she left on her own. I never assaulted her," said the man of God who was allegedly accused of having poor séxual tricks.

Pastor Chitewe said he still loves his wife and wanted her to return to their matrimonial home. He begged for the court to 'sweet talk' his wife so that they would return home together soon after the hearing.

"I still love her and I want her to go with me after this hearing. I am staying alone and I need a woman to stay with. If possible, talk to her so that we can go home together after the court," said the Lord's servant, a sentiment that touched quite a number of people who were attending the court session.

Magistrate Vongai Muchuchuti ruled in Olivia's favour and ordered Pastor Chitewe to desist from abusing his wife.

BRANDING LASGIDI: Government Deployed Over 900 CCTV Cameras In Lagos State

Over 900 closed-circuit television, CCTV, cameras have been deployed in Lagos State and already supplying video footages to relevant agencies, State Commissioner for Science and Technology, Mr. Adebiyi Mabadeje, has said.

Mabadeje, at a briefing in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, said that the current deployment of the CCTV by the Federal Government was not in conflict with the earlier efforts by the state government.

According to him, the state would soon embark on the pilot resident registration exercise, which would enable the government to collect, collate and manage a database of all residents.

He noted that the state government had advertised and called for the expression of interest by private investors with requisite expertise and funding for “a world-class’’ forensic laboratory under a Public-Private Partnership in which the government will provide land in Badagry.

Mabadeje stressed that the state government expects to receive inputs from the Federal Government and security agencies in executing the project, which he claimed would save the state hard-earned foreign exchange expended in carrying out forensic investigations and studies on crime and health-related matters overseas.

Warri Multi millionaire, Ayiri Emami buys Prado jeep for Durella

Warri based Oil Mogul, Ayiri Emami has given singer and King of the Zanga, Durella a brand new Toyota Prado Jeep.

Emami, who is the CEO of 911 entertainment is known for being generous to Nigerian Music artistes. Ayiri is the same guy that gave tuface a range rover jeep in 2010 and single handedly sponsored his Dubai wedding.

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Super Eagles Player, Yusuf Ayila Caught His Woman With Charms [Photos + Details]

Contrary to reports that Super Eagles star and Orduspor midfielder, Yusuf Ayila, abandoned his wife and kids in Ukraine and eloped with a girlfriend, latest information coming from the troubled family has it that there is more to the saga.

It is no longer news that some ladies these days use mystical means (juju) to control the lives of their men and this happens often if the man has "enough" money.

Yusuf Ayila said his woman wants to kill him with juju. See how it all happened below...

Hear what the football star said: "Firstly, I’ll like to state categorically that Gbemisola is not my legal wife as widely reported. She is the mother of my two kids. We met years back and started a casual date.

"The trouble started when I asked her to bring my children for holiday in Ukraine. One day, while I lived with her, I opened Gbemi’s wardrobe in Ukraine and found different charms, including a snake inside a bottle filled with gin.

"It was a confirmation of the feelers I got from family and friends that she is fetish and had been using charms on me. I felt uncomfortable living under the same roof with her. In view of this development, I told her to return to Nigeria, to which she refused. At that point, I told her I can’t cope with her bad habit anymore; that she had to go back to Nigeria or I’ll leave the house for her.

"Meanwhile, before seeing the charms in her wardrobe, she’s always been at loggerheads with my mother for no concrete reason. I had to leave the house in Ukraine to get another apartment when she refused to leave.

"Yet it never stopped me from paying the house rent, even after my departure to Orduspor, Turkey, my club. I kept paying the children’s school fees and other bills and later discovered that her Visa will expire in a few months’ time.

"I sent her a mail asking her to leave Ukraine and go back to Nigeria since she hadn’t anything concrete doing and yet again she refused. I sent her another mail threatening to stop paying the rent in Ukraine by the end of April.

"When she refused to leave, I sent someone to collect her passport lest she tarnishes my image and career. I started hearing some unimaginable stories of her escapades with men each time I visited Nigeria, but I kept my cool. She was also reported to be having an affair with a popular Fuji musician...

"She had on several occasions connived with some people to kill me, which I survived by the grace of God. For the records, I have a recorded phone conversation of that."

According to Ayila, he gives Gbemisola 1 Million Naira as monthly allowance.

As for the new woman in his life, Ayila disclosed that he’s now legally married to her. He described the new woman as a very responsible, God fearing lady who is his wife and not a mistress, as claimed by Gbemisola.

14yr old girl killed & set on fire by boyfriend because he thought she was pregnant

Shaniesha Forbes, 14, (pictured above) was killed by her 20 year old boyfriend who then burnt her body and dumped her remains on a beach just because he thought she was pregnant.
Below is how New York Post is reporting it:
The family of the 14-year-old Brooklyn girl who was allegedly killed by her boyfriend and dumped on a beach blasted him this morning for cowardly slaying her after he thought she was pregnant.
Police had arrested Christian Ferdinand, 20, in Maine on Tuesday, where he had fled after he allegedly suffocated Shaniesha Forbes, 14, and burnt her body before dumping the remains at Gerritsen Beach.
Shaneisha's grandmother (left) and mother (right)
"On the record, she wasn’t pregnant at all. As a 20-year-old man, that is something you could easily find out,” said her devastated cousin Kerry-Anne Thomas. “You had the courage and the balls to kill her and bring her body, and lay her on the beach. But you couldn’t go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test to find out if it was actually true.”

Detectives yesterday drove Ferdinand back to the 63rd Precinct station house in Brooklyn, where he allegedly admitted to killing Forbes in January after coming to believe she was pregnant.

He was charged with second-degree murder, and has not been arraigned yet.

The victim’s weeping mother Sandra Price thanked the police for catching the killer, as did her grandmother Daisy Smith.

"I’m very grateful for the job that the two main detectives have done,” she said. “They did a wonderful job catching the killer and getting him for the street, and hopefully putting him away for life. That’s what I think he deserves.”

Smith said the family hadn’t been eating or sleeping since the girl’s death. “I’m so happy they caught this guy who killed my granddaughter,” she said. “There was nothing we could do, only wait…Bring him justice.”

Sources said Ferdinand suffocated the aspiring nurse — who was, in fact, not pregnant — in his apartment. He then kept her body in his home for a couple of days, sources said.

Finally, he allegedly put the corpse into a suitcase and brought it onto the beach, where he tried to get rid of it by setting it on fire.

Cops recovered the suitcase the killer used to transport Forbes’ body from his Maine hideout and also took floorboards from his former Brooklyn apartment, the sources said.

Relatives said never met Ferdinand, and was not sure how he met Forbes. Thomas speculated that they may have met through social media.

Honestly there shouldn’t have been a relationship. He was a 20-year-old man and she was a 14-year-old child,” she said. “As an adult, which he is, he should have known it was inappropriate to have any type of a relationship with a 14-year-old.”

Forbes was a student at the Academy of Young Writers in East New York.

Molester was send Sentences To 252 Years In Prison

Tears rolled down his face the minute he was locked up in the police cells. This time he knew it was for life.

No more would Shepherd Moyo be allowed to terrorise northern Joburg residents. On Wednesday, the Lonehill and Paulshof robber and defiler was sentenced by the Johannesburg High Court to multiple life terms.
Investigating officer Tony Rakoma had a triumphant smile on his face. His job was finally done. None of the witnesses who testified came to court for the sentencing, but Rakoma had sent them text messages about the verdict.
“They were all so happy and relieved. They finally got their closure and can now move on with their lives. It was a job well done,” he said.
Moyo, who was nicknamed “Axeman”, would rob his victims in the early hours – usually between 2am and 4am. After ransacking their houses, he would have some water and would either lock the occupants in their bathrooms or bedrooms.
In some instances, he would r*pe the victims. Most of the items he would take from the homes were valued at thousands of rand. His crime spree dates back to 2004, with incidents also in 2008, 2010 and 2011.
“The worst in my view is that he attacked and defiled the victims in the sanctity of their own homes where they thought they were safe,” said Judge Mathilda Masipa in sentencing him.
She was especially aggrieved by the fact that Moyo would not only force himself on them, but would also strip them of their dignity and ensure the r*pes were not traced back to him.
In one of the r*pes, he used a condom and flushed it down the toilet. In another, he ejaculated on the carpet and wiped himself with a towel, which he got rid of.
Judge Masipa said his three r*pe victims never recovered from the trauma and became emotional wrecks. She firmly believed all the offences were carefully planned and executed. The judge said it was inconceivable that someone who was working alone would pick the victims out at random, and she was convinced he had studied the potential victims.
Moyo would always take his time during the robberies and never hurry, as if he knew no one would come to the rescue of the victims.
“His brazen conduct sent a chilly message to residents that no degree of security would deter criminals,” said Judge Masipa.
The 63-year-old man he repeatedly stabbed during a robbery now lives as a prisoner in his own home.
“What weighs with me very heavily is that the accused showed no remorse, therefore it is difficult to imagine he can be rehabilitated.”
The judge said it was clear from the evidence that Moyo was a detriment to society.
Last week, she found him guilty on 11 counts of housebreaking and robbery, three of r*pe and one of attempted murder. Six robbery charges were withdrawn as witnesses could not be traced. On Wednesday, Moyo got 15 years for each of the 11 counts of robbery, 12 years for attempted murder, and life sentences for all three r*pe charges – a total of 252 years.
The attempted murder and robbery sentences will run concurrently with the three life sentences. “The effective sentence therefore is life imprisonment,” the judge said.

Investigate going on Shoprite Bomb Threat


The Lagos State Police Command on Thursday said it had begun investigation into threat by some unknown persons to blow up Shoprite stores in the state.
An unknown person was said to have sent a text message informing the owner of Shoprite of his group’s intention to blow up all Shoprite stores in Nigeria.
Although the unknown sender did not state the reason, but he disclosed that already, members of his group had planted some explosives in some packs of fruit juice at the store in Victoria Island.
The text message caused panic as customers reportedly fled the entire mall while motorists deserted the route, with text messages sent to loved ones around the vicinity to avoid the route.
“It is true, we do not deserve amnesty. You’ll even be surprised how I got your number. We came to Shoprite on a mission to drop a bomb. That day, we sow bullet into Five Alive packs. We are from Niger. Someone gave us your number from Abuja. We will make sure we destroy every Shoprite…, the text message read in part.”
Although security sources dismissed the text message as a mere threat, the Lagos State Police Command would still go ahead with its investigation.

Things get more exciting in the Sterling Bank sponsored Spirited Actor TV series

Did you catch episode 4 of the Sterling Bank sponsored Spirited Actor TV reality series last week?
Nigerian contestants - Tunji, Nike, Aisha, Ladun, and July constantly bring life and drama to the house and that’s certainly fun to watch. 
The ten contestants in New York wake up to Yoga classes, enjoy road trips to South Beach, Miami, even getting to stroll down the iconic Ocean Drive- famous movie setting for almost every blockbuster Hollywood movie ever watched.

The Intimacy Challenge showed it wasn't all fun and no work as the housemates were forced to call-up intense emotions within seconds for celebrity acting coach Tracy Moore.
The next episode promises to be a tense one to watch as one contestant is sure to get evicted. The prize of a one-year acting career with a Hollywood Agent and the chance of starring in a movie with Hollywood celeb-actor, Morris Chestnut must definitely become the fate of one of these actors.

Follow the series on Africa Magic Entertainment on Sunday at 20:00 CAT and 19:00 CAT from Sunday May 26th or on Africa Magic from Saturday August 4th at 20:30 CAT.
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