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Beyonce reveals picture of Blue Ivy Carter

By on February 16, 2013
blue ivy beyonce lead1 Beyonce reveals picture of Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce�s�daughter�Blue Ivy�will get her own shining moment in her mom�s�HBO documentary�Life Is But A Dream, airing on Feb. 16. A never-before-seen image from the documentary leaked online on Feb. 15, and the 1-year-old is a spitting image of her daddy,�Jay-Z!

This is the first time that fans have gotten to see Blue Ivy�s face so up close and personal since the singer�released a few photos in February 2012, a few weeks after Blue Ivy�s birth.
Beyonce�s documentary, airing on HBO at 9PM ET, is expected to showcase many more never-before-seen photos of Blue Ivy, plus an intimate look inside the life of the superstar, who very rarely talks about her personal life.

Nigeria – 1967 in pictures

PAR166702 Nigeria  
 1967 in pictures
NIGERIA. Town of Ogoja. Soldier of the Federal Government on patrol. 1967.
PAR166683 Nigeria   1967 in pictures PAR166718 1024x689 Nigeria   1967 in pictures PAR166679 Nigeria   1967 in pictures PAR166672 Nigeria   1967 in pictures

New Video: Chris Brown – Home

New Video: Chris Brown – Home

I wanna go back, I wanna go back to my home.� Chris Brown dedicates this song and video to his home-life, which he seems to miss a lot as he travels around the world touring. Click below to check it out and let us know what you think of the song and video in the comments section

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