Tuesday, 9 April 2013

MediaTakeOut proves Kim K is faking her

I love MediaTakeOut!!! If you don’t already know, it is a gossip website catering to people that are interested in drama. It claims to be “The Most Visited Urban Website in the World”
So………. back to our story;
This weekend MediaTakeOut.com showed you a photo that was sent out by Kim Kardashian that supposedly proved that she was pregnant.
MediaTakeOut.com had a Photoshop expert look at it . . . and we were told that the pics that Kim Instagrammed are total fakes!!!
This is what MediaTakeOut’s Photoshop professional had to say:
How do we know – look closely at the FIRST PIC. There is a “WHITE SPACE” next to her bump – that CLEARLY does not match with the background. Our Photoshop expert explains:
Look at the first picture, right under her b00b, the background is totally white. What happened to the dressing room background? And it isn’t her t-shirt either. It’s the same right by the hand holding the camera. The background is all white. This is a bad Photoshop job.

00 (1)

And the SECOND pic is also altered below. If you look closely, there is a “BLACK TRIANGLE” next to Kim’s leg, which is NOT in the first pic. And the triangle DOES NOT match with the background. Our expert adds:
There is a protrusion coming out of the side of her pants closest to the mirror. It isn’t in the first picture and she has barely changed positions. . . .This is easy to spot.
So now tht we KNOW FOR A FACT that the pics were PHOTOSHOPPED. The next question is WHY. Is Kim trying to “PLAY UP” her bump . . . or is the WHOLE PREGNANCY FRAUDULENT!!!!

sources by informationng.com

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