Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Lola’s Franktalk: Excuse Me! You need some manners

Hello people, still talking on manners. In the last article I mentioned that we will discuss awkward situations and what is expected or the right etiquette for the situation.
Scenario 1: you are in a public transport and someone is playing music from his/her phone. The music is blaring loudly plus it’s a song like Fuji or something. Now, don’t you just think that is plain rudeness?
You have all had a long day and would like to ride back home in peace.
It is very rude for you to inconvenience other people that way. If you need to listen to music from your phone, then use head phones. If you don’t have head phones then wait till you are in the confines of your home to do it.
Consider the fact that not everyone listens to your kind of music, some actually do but need peace and quiet at that point in time.
Scenario 2:  You are a guest at a particular place; the host has been nice enough to set up the guest room, just so you can be comfortable.
You stay for a couple of nights, start to feel a little too comfortable and then decide to bring in a pet to live with you.
Yeah! Very rude right?
When you are visiting someone, the best thing to do is ask about the rules that guide them in the house. Some people are allergic to animals and get a reaction from just the smell of animals of from coming in contact with the animals’ fur.
I would love to get feedback from you all. Please tell me about awkward situations you have been in or those you witnessed and let us have some fun discussing the solutions.

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