Sunday, 22 February 2015

Toyin Aimakhu fires back @ Stella Damasus

(Stella Damasus and Toyin Aimakhu might just be sounding the beats of a beef. Photo: NET)
(Stella Damasus and Toyin Aimakhu are now clearly in the beef groove. Photo: NET)
Yesterday, we reported the building rift between two of Nollywood’s most recognisable actresses, Stella Damasus and Toyin Aimakhu. As at the time of our first report, Toyin Aimahku hadn’t responded to Stella’s rant but knowing her, we always knew it wouldn’t be long before she would respond.
And when she finally did, she went in really hard, wondering why Stella just deemed it fit to reply her after a period of 8 months.
Although the Yoruba actress deleted her post on Instagram shortly after, she had shared the photo and comment below, warning Stella Damasus not to dare respond.


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