Thursday, 15 August 2013

NMS Winner Tamara Eteimo's Older Brother Murdered In Cyprus‏

Next movie star winner(2011) Tamara Eteimo is in deep mourning-Her brother Stanley was murdered on August 8,2013 in Cyprus.
Heres the gist

''Fun and lively Stanley Eteimo popularly known as M-Lee was a student and artiste in Cyprus.
 Stanley went for a party in a popular cyprus hotel (Kratos Hotel) and in the hotel, he got talking to a white girl whom he recognized as a schoolmate.

Well, the girl’s boyfriend happened to be in the same hotel and when he saw both of them, he got so enraged and made all manner of threat against Stanley.

After the party,sometime around 3am stanley was nowhere to be found… Naturally, everyone assumed he had gone home but after a few hours, his body was discovered floating in a private beach''

According to Stanley's cousin, the prime suspect (the jealous boyfriend) comes from an influential family and he openly threatened to kill Stanley.....what a pity,may God give Tamara and her family the Grace to bear their painful loss.

RIP Stanley

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