Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Beverly Osu Romancing Bimp in Jacuzzi today

 Moments after Angelo jumped out of the Jacuzzi, Beverly had a little bit of fun with Bimp.

The Chasemates decided to forget about their worries and all jumped into the Jacuzzi for a round of conversation and laughter. Conspicuous in their absence was Elikem and Cleo, who bonded in the bedroom.

Once the heady mixture of alcohol and bubbles took effect, Angelo decided he and Beverly would call it a night and head to bed. As soon as he disappeared into the kitchen, Beverly playfully pounced on Bimp and started gyrating on him like a cat in heat. All Bimp could do was just smile sheepishly as the sexy Nigerian gave him a hearty, albeit brief show.

As soon as she had started, Beverly dismounted and followed her beau into the House.
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