Tuesday, 9 July 2013

SEE Man With World Largest Feet and World Smallest Woman, As They Attempt World Record

The world’s smallest woman and the man with the largest feet in the world are eager to set a Guiness world record of proportions.
According to huffingtonpost.com the odd couple, Jyoti Amge and Brahim Takioullah will so far be up against 319 other photos sent to the Amazing Feet challenge, the ‘largest online foot album’ and ‘largest mass-participation records ever attempted’.
Brahim Takioullah’s feet are 1ft 3in size 23s are four times bigger than tiny Jyoti Amge’s, whose are a children’s size one.
Jyoti, 19, of Nagpur, India, is just 2ft tall, while the 8ft 1in Moroccan is the world’s second tallest man.
The 31-year-old giant’s shoes are specially made as they go off the size charts.
The pair posed together to promote the “Amazing Feet” challenge, an attempt to make the world’s largest online photo album of feet.
At least 50,000 pairs are needed and anyone wishing to enter the record books can visitofficiallyamazing.tv/feet.

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