Saturday, 27 July 2013


She has been described in many ways, some call her amazon, some have referred to her as one of the brightest minds of the nation. She's gorgeous, very VERY stylish, wonderfully humane, caring, very loving mother of one (the brilliant Morenikeji). A celebrated journalist/broadcaster (former talk show hostess). A sister to many, an inspiration to countless. Our own dear friend. The Chief witch like some very close to her call her.

It's none other then the incredible, vivacious, fiercely feminine, some say highly opinionated Olufunmilola Aduke-'mi' Iyanda. Born today, July 27, in 1971. 

Truth be said, Funmi has done very well for herself. We are one of the legions of her followers & friends, who loves her to the high heavens, medals, warts and all. If it were a country that truly appreciates hardwork for what it is, she would have received the highest accolades for her doggedness & brilliance. 

But no matter what, we celebrate our own. Happy birthday dear. Long may you live. May the creator grant to you, all that you wish for yourself and others. Many more great years ahead.

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