Monday, 8 July 2013

Friends mourn late ‘beauty queen’ Adenike Ogungbe

 Adenike Ogungbe and her husband. Photo: EWAR Makeovers

Adenike Ogungbe and her husband. Photo: EWAR Makeovers
‘Am God, n My thoughts n My ways are incredibly bigger n more complicated than yours. When you don’t understand, just trust that I am good’….
Adenike, 32, who was the Creative Director at her budding company – Ewar Makeovers, passed away on Wednesday, June 3, 2013, a day after delivering her second child on June 2, 2013.
Sources say Adenike had gone through a caesarean section on Tuesday night at the Ogun State University Teaching Hospital (OSUTH) but fell into a coma and she never came out of the anaesthesia given to her.
Multiple sources told NET over the weekend, that her baby is alive and doing well.
The comments have been pouring in on social media and blogs, with many lamenting what they believe was a preventable death.

‘Nigeria has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world with 53,000 women dying every year from childbirth. Mrs. Ogungbe died in Abeokuta, not England. Had she given birth in England the likelihood of this happening with be slim to none. More attention needs to be brought to this issue, and Nigerian women need to advocate for stricter regulation of clinics and hospitals by the Nigerian government’, a comment from Oyinkan, reads on Bella Naija.
But Lizzy O. argues, explaining ‘Oh don’t do that here. People die during child birth all over the world. Considering her status, I want to believe she didn’t go to a ‘que-que’ hospital to deliver her baby. Something happened, and God’s knows best (just as she said in her twitter status)’.
Sadly, Adenike and her husband (the couple tied the knot in 2007) had lost their first child, a boy, a while back. Adenike is also reported to have had miscarriage shortly after that.
Adenike was well known for her DIY makeup tips on her blog. The fashion industry in Nigeria is mourning the deceased, with many models, makeup artistes, and designers still in shock

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