Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Amanda Brignall: Mother Who Covered 80% Of Her Body With Tattoos


  When feisty Amanda Brignall separated from her husband, she decided to cover her body in tattoos – but now she can’t get a man because her appearance scares them off.
The mother-of-two’s ink obsession started at 37 and Since then she’s added a new design to her skin almost every week.

Now 80 per cent of her body is covered – including her face.
The 49-year-old says she has no regrets – but not everyone loves her tattoos as much as she does.
Known as ‘the freak of Beverley’, she hasn’t been in a relationship for the past seven years.
She said: ‘I love my tattoos but men don’t seem to feel the same. My appearance seems to scare them off.
‘I think when men first look at me, they think I’m a bit rough. They mutter ‘look at the state of her’ under their breath. They don’t bother to get to know me.’
She doesn’t regret getting them done, and only hopes people will see past her tattoos and accept her for the wonderful person she is.

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