Monday, 18 March 2013

Snake Killed Inside Hostel In Ondo State Orientation Camp

A large snake was killed inside the hostel at the NYSC Orientation camp in Ondo state yesterday.

According to one of the corp members, in his words ‘I was sleeping on my bed in the male block one when some some other corps members in the main hall were shouting and telling me to jump out of the room.

I thought they weren’t serious so I didn’t respond instantly, when I saw that the shout was becoming more serious, I quickly wore my cloths and jumped out.. Some of the boys then went inside the room and brought out the snake dead after some minutes.

I was so scared.. I wonder what our country is turning into.. The safety of corps members aren’t even guaranteed.. The toilets are messed up.. We live like prisoners and refugees.. God help us.’

Another corp member who pleaded anonymity told NE ’government pays no attention to the safety and welfare of students at all. Imagine a dangerous reptile under someone’s bed’

The snake obviously swallowed a rat going by the picture above, and just crawled into the one of the male dorms to relax. NE learnt that the corp members immediately after killing the snake took turns at snapping the snake and using it as dp on blackberry.

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