Friday, 15 March 2013

''I’m 49…And My Bóobs Are Still Very Firm'' – Kemi Olunloyo Yabs Nigerian Ladies

This is Kemi Olunloyo latest message, she posted it on her facebook page a while ago:

Ladies!!! It’s NOT a BRA. Its a bikini top with a WIRE, the latest with tight short mini skirts. I’ve always told u my breasts are healthy, self exam on the 11th of the month for breast cancer lumps, no implants. I have told ppl on social media that my breasts are firm, chests pointed and hard and my wish is to get my pumpkins to half of Cossy’s.

I will be 49 in August. Wonder why my sons tell their pals I am SEXY and make my pics their profile pic on FB.

Nigerian women, #KeepITReal and stop the sh*t pretending. Keep ur pumpkins healthy. #LifestyleTIP. No make up and stay natural in the pool. POST YOUR PICS if ur woman is SEXIER!

Oh in case you don’t know who she is, one can describe Kemi Olunloyo in many ways, an outspoken journalist, media expert, advocate, politician, deportee, the list goes on. She is also the daughter of former governor of Oyo State – she is one outspoken woman that keeps on talking even when it threatens her life, she’s come under attack so many times but that has not stopped her in any way from posting comments online…

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